Workout Date:





Cyclone, TinyDancer, Headgear

The Thang:

AO: ThePlank

Conditions: Cold. About 34 degrees


CrossStitch was signed up to Q this one but had to back on on Tuesday and seeing no one else take him up on the Q, YHC stepped in.  I would only be missing Penelope’s Q at Warthog anyway, which is where I had originally planned on posting.  Mumble chatter picked up on Slack and it went downhill quick.  Fast forward to this AM.  Thick ice on my windshield surprised me since my weather app said it was 39 degrees so defrost on full blast and a quick run inside to grab the ice scraper and ready to go but it took a few minutes.  Rolled up to the AO at 0514 with only TinyDancer sitting in his truck.  He immediately rolled the window down and asked if YHC wanted to go to WaffleHouse instead since it was only the two of us and it was cold.  That was tempting but YHC didn’t take the bait, “Let’s do a quick workout and then grab some waffles.”  Then Cyclone rolls up and YHC comes to learn that he was sitting back at the direction of TinyDancer to see if we would go to Waffe House instead.   Dodged that one.  Very deceiving.  So let’s get to this quick workout.

We grabbed some tractor weights out of my truck and hit the field.  TinyDancer wanted to go for a run around the track and tried to hijack my Q.  Running was on the agenda but I made a quick intro and disclaimer before we hit the track to warm up.

Mosey 1 mile with 4 laps around the track staying together.

Roll out our shoulders with arm circles and some shoulder rotations.

22 Merkins OYO

Line up at the goal line.  1 PAX will hold both tractor weights farmers carry style and stay at the goal line while the other two run to the designated markers and back.  Rotate through on each yardage marker:  100, 80, 60, 40.  OUr forearms weren’t on fire yet so move to Alternate Plan.

On the stadium steps, one PAX will carry the tractor weights farmers carry style up and down the 1st set of steps, repeating as many times as possible while the other two PAX will run up and down each set of steps and back to the start position.  Rotate through until all PAX have completed the farmers carry.  This is where our forearms started to burn while carrying the weight and our legs from running the stadiums twice.

We had just enough time for all three of us to finish the stadiums.  Somewhere around this time, Cyclone, informed us that these weights were made in Iowa. Good to know.  Good work out.

Announcements:  ShieldLock Challenge – read the rules and Slack and get your ShieldLock together.  2nd F – Happy Hours and Laser Tag.   FreedToBleed – Feb 4th – Bring everyone you know and go ahead and donate somewhere else prior if you need to since there is a huge blood shortage.

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken


It was really tempting to ditch the beatdown and enjoy some fellowship with TinyDancer and Cyclone but YHC didn’t think that we got up out of bed and out into the cold to not get a good workout in first.  Some of us even wake our M’s up in the process so we don’t choose the red pill to skip out of the beatdown.  Plus I took the time to load up the tractor weights along with some other goodies which weren’t needed today so might as well use them.  The goal was to sweat, breathe hard and make our forearms burn a little and this was accomplished.  Great work today.  Let’s go grab some waffles next time!

Always an honor!

-Headgear out!!!

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