Deck of Death

Deck of Death

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Vit D


Vit D, Rousey

The Thang:

Welcome to the Safehouse!  No Corona here… Hopefully!


It was YHC turn to Q and I have been playing lots of card game with the 2.0s since the quarantine started.  YHC has been to lots of Deck of Death workouts but never as Q.


Conditions: 80 and stale humid air in the dirty garage



22 Merkins

Total Body Mobility routine just to hear how many joints pop.  The big 4-O is rapidly approaching.

Deck of Death

Spades: Coupon Swings
Diamonds: Merkins
Clubs: Overhead Press
Hearts: the best for last BURPEES

Bonus: Jokers meant 2 sets of KB Clean, Squat, Press.  Today is the last day of YHC Kettlebell clean challenge.  I highly recommend it.


We finished the deck of death with a few minutes to spare.  YHC may not have shuffled the cards well enough but fortunately the Burpees came early.

Time for a few minutes of Mary

Flutters IC
Heels to Heaven

Virtual BOM:

Today’s Verse of the Day, “Don’t be anxious about tomorrow for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble”  was the inspiration for Dale Carnegie’s: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” which YHC highly recommends.

Honor to Q


Rousey and YHC would love to have other Pax Q from “The Safehouse”



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