Did Isaias Come Back??

Did Isaias Come Back??

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


O'Doul's, Hojo, Tiny Dancer, Humpback, TR (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Village

Conditions: High 70s and 10000% Humidity

Before I went to bed last night, I checked the weather as I normally do. 55% chance of rain it said… not great, but most likely it will drop come morning time as it normally tends to do. Woke up at 0445 as I typically do and then checked the weather again. As expected the chance of rain seemed to push more towards 9am. Chance of rain from 5-6am  was 15%, pretty good! Checked the radar to be sure and it was all clear, even better (as now I can continue with my weinke as I had planned). I get up and get dressed and look outside my window… it is POURING.


Maybe I didn’t refresh the weather app?? I quickly pull out my phone again, refresh the app, once, twice, 14 times! No cloud in the sky. Still a 15% chance of rain. Great, now I have to think of something on the fly. Will people even show up??

My only hope at this point is to pray that everybody else’s phone also lied to them. So I get to the AO at 0520 and O’Doul’s is waiting at the gate, the rain is coming down hard (Did Isaias come back?!). I park in front of the gate to leave it open for any other stragglers that are coming in late. Of course, as always when it comes to inclement weather, there is that hope (is hope the right word??) that nobody else shows up and maybe you just call the workout off and go for some fellowship (aka donuts and coffee).

About a min later Tiny Dancer pulls up (damn it, there goes the fellowship idea). He stops by my car and rolls down the window and is a little hesitant to work out in this weather. I assured him that we would stay dry, save for the run to the awning. So he goes and parks next to OD. Wait a couple min later and Hojo pulls into the lot (Catapult representing for the AO Challenge!). I was about to leave my post at the gate and drive closer to the awning, when I see Tiny Dancer drive towards me, he says he’s going to just go home. I beg him to stay! Assure him that we would be dry and he reluctantly agrees. #RainORShine

As I reposition my car closer to the awning, one last black truck pulls in… its Humpback! Awesome, since I hadn’t seen much of him lately with his knee bothering him and work picking up. Now we were 5 deep and I still had no clue what I wanted to do. We all mosey to the awning to start, grumbling about how the radar lied to everybody.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given as well as the warning that I would be making this up on the fly



20 Tempo Squats IC


20 Windmills IC


15 LBAC Reverse IC


Lazy Dora:

I typically do a lazy dora for rainy days like this, but with the odd numbers not really conducive to partner work, I decided to switch it up and make it a group lazy dora.

We would do 2 exercises  or an exercise and a hold, but do it ring of fire style.

Round 1: 50 total walkout merkins

First man would do 10 walkout merkins, the rest of the group is holding plank. When the first man is done, he holds plank, and the second man will do ten and so on and so forth.

Round 2: 100 total squats

Two rounds, first man does 10 squats, rest of the group holds a wall sit, rinse and repeat

Round 3: 150 LBCs

3 rounds of 10 each, group does AMRAP flutter kicks.


At this point, the rain had stopped for a while and it was relatively clear except for the lightning in the distance (probably wherever Pikachu was posting). The group wanted to get some running in… okay that sounds good lets do that.

Start with 10 Merkins OYO then a lap around the student building. Come back to the start and do 9 merkins OYO, then a lap. 8 merkins and work your way down the ladder.

Still with about 10 min to go, we had some time for a couple Tabata sets.

Set 1:

4 Rounds (20 sec of AMRAP work, 10 sec rest) – Carolina Dry Docks

4 Rounds (20 sec AMRAP, 10 sec rest) – LBCs

Set 2:

4 Rounds (20/10) – Squats

4 Rounds (20/10) – Freddie Mercuries


Wrapped up with some stretches and a couple of ab exercises to finish it off.



Count-O-Rama: 5


Announcements: 2.0 workouts have started for the summer, check slack for more details! AO challenge is continuing for August.

Prayer requests: Humpback’s 2.0s birthdays this week


As always, an honor to lead.

– Texas Ranger

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