Disconnect’s Birthday Disconnect

Disconnect’s Birthday Disconnect

Workout Date:





Karma, Jingles, Billboard, Franklin, Snips, Hamburglar, Turn&Cough, Bubbles, Headgear, Backdraft, Howard Wong FNG,

The Thang:

Well, what can I say, My first time was better…..I figure my birth was Chaotic and crazy and someone lost count so, why not today.


Disconnect’s Disconnected Birthday Q where the exercises do not matter and the reps are made up.

60s!!!! Medium Humidity did not need the extra layers this morning.


Pre Run at 0445 Arrived to see a figure in the parking lot jumping up and down like a mad man, Headgear is sick and tired of Hamburglar killing him on pre runs.

So he was jumping rope to get warmed up. Billboard decided to join in with the run crew this morning respect to you sir for hanging with those guys. I’ve just learned to run my own race.

FNG Howard came riding up, I was super excited to see a new guy coming to one of my Qs, courtesy of Backdraft.

5 min warning, everyone gathering Mumble chatter was thick.

1  Min warning

Disclaimer was given, trust me today I am not a professional.

Had a whole plane of 34 themed CoP warm-ups planned  with sections of 34, andddddd 17

but some turned into 14 and 19 and the dumpster fire of mumble chatter was on and thick form Jingles, Hambruglar, and a few others.. and rightfully so, I lost all train of thought and they got to me.

Glad One-Call wasn’t there. Would have made me start all over and make me do merkins.

But, Hey it’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I want to.


SSH -34


TtT-17 but I think this is where it went downhill. did 14 or something.

LBAC forward -19

LBAC reverse -17

Tempo Squats – 17 or 34 I don’t know……

Mosy to the playground, for a stolen part of Saturdays Q form Headgear I really enjoyed.

Mumble Chatter still rampant and thick.

wingman concept grab a wingman and stick with him.

2 rounds

7 pull up,

12 merkins,

19 squats

41 LBCs

partner runs across the bridge, around the small section of boat ramp, back across the bridge and 10 burpees.

then to come back and release the partner to continue.

the second round.

same thing.


move to the parking garage.

I had a lot of stuff planned here but we ran short on time.

Partner work

50 hand-release Merkins

75 squats

100 flutter kicks

150 American hammers single count.

partner runs to the first flight of stairs, or second or whatever…. should have made my self clear. once again.

my issues for not leading properly and commanding my fellow PAX.


Wheelbarrow with a partner up the incline. switch halfway.

and split the staggered merkins off your partners back.

had more planned like lunges up to the top and if we had time I had a Birthday game of

F…..F……Goose planned.

but we didn’t get to it.

Oh well.

Move back to AO with little time to spare.

Count off -12

advised  Howard Wong of the initiation process. I was then held accountable to tell the new guy Jingles informed me……I, however, do not remember being told by the Q on my first day…..

FNG now Porcupine.


Conway Christmas sweater get together.


Weedeaters family

Cheesie’s daughter,

stage 3 cancer,

healings all the way around.

unspoken, a lot of prayers this morning.

One thing to say.

I got into my head during this Q, and I appreciate all the mumble chatter, it shows me I can still take a punch and keep going. To all of you thanks for the support and keeping me on my toes.

It was an honor to lead this crazy group this morning.


Be the Man that proves every other man is not the same.










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