Do you guys just run at this AO?

Do you guys just run at this AO?

Workout Date:





CottonCandy, Fergie, Snips(R), Huey(Kotter), Bubbles, Doesn’tShow, Baggage, Rugburn(DR-Cherokee), Manziel, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 64 degrees and clear

Q sheet was blank and despite sending an early HC to DR PAX, JarJar, for his Timeshare Q, YHC had to help fill the sheet at TheMotherShip.  Also, having just done the Murph Plus yesterday, this was a good way to ensure that there would be no #fartsacking today…despite a sick dog keeping the M and YHC up last night.  Oh well, life happens.  The PAX are expecting a Q so let’s go!

2 minute Warning



1 slow mosey around the track

SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x10 IC


Shoulder rolls/circles back and forward- Not LBACs

Indian Run 1 lap around the lake for 1.1 mile

To the Track

20 Burpees

400 yard run/sprint

15 burpees

300 yard run/sprint

10 burpees

200 yard run/sprint

5 burpees

100 yard run/sprint



10 PAX

Announcements – June 12th F3 GrandStrand Anniversary and Convergence, July 16 FreedToBleed, Sasquatch CSAUP at ENC July 31


As of 1 week ago, CottonCandy was a Kotter and has come back for his 3rd workout since.  Huey hasn’t been seen for months but showed up and put in work today. He is a big guy that can move fast! DR PAX, Rugburn, from Cherokee, showed up a few minutes late but caught up before the IndianRun.  At some point during the run he asked if this was a running AO. Apparently, he posted here once before and YHC may have been on Q.  Anyways, ask your fellow Cherokee PAX, SeaBass, why we put some running into our training plan.  A few of us know him as Cadre SeaBass.  Doesn’tShow didn’t completely show up today.  Something about a hamstring and we happened to be doing sprints so that didn’t mix well.  Sorry brother, but that was the only way to slow you down! His first post was only a couple of weeks ago and he’s usually crushing the rest of us!  Snips looking strong and continuing to put in work.  He keeps getting faster and stronger.  Watch out!  Same with Fergie.  He is looking skinny and fit and he’s pushing hard through these runs! Still getting used to Manziel being a local PAX since he used to be a DR PAX posting with us but he loved F3 GrandStrand so much he moved here!  He’s in good shape and pushing the rest of us along! Bubbles smokes everyone on the runs despite telling us he doesn’t have anything left in the tank after TheMurph.  The only one that can beat him is Baggage…be he’s only like 20 so…  Maybe a little older than 20 but he’s fit, puts in work and his 400 meter sprints really look like sprints!  Oh yeah, most of these studs did TheMurph yesterday too!  Great work!  Thank you for the push!


-Headgear out!

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