Dora Dora Dora the Explorer for MR Jingles Fairwell Tour

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer for MR Jingles Fairwell Tour

Workout Date:





Rousey (Respect), Elmers (Respect), Rubber, Single Barrel, Sunshine, Quaker (Respect), Mr. Jingles (Respect, from Republic), First Base, ERC, Jeter, Billy Blanks (YHC 2.0, disrespect), CrossStitch (YHC)

The Thang:

It was quite a busy morning as many participated in extra curricular activies pre and post beatdown (Jetah, Rousey, YHC for light 2+ miles prerun around , Mr. Jingles joined us before he relocates (don’t forget the “Mr.”, you’ll be sure to hear about it), Jetah, Rousey, and YHC did a light prerun of 2+ miles around AO, Sunshine and ERC ran from Early Risers to AO 4+ miles, Quaker and Billy Blanks ran from AO halfway to Early Risers and returned with Sunshine and ERC. Quaker and Rousey stuck around after the beatdown for the F3FootBall league. It was around 49 degrees upon arrival at 5:15am for pre-beatdown activities, then dropped a few degrees as the morning progressed.

YHC was breaking a mental sweat trying to keep cadence through the robust mumble chatter, but following a 1 minute warning then quick welcome, our warm up included:

50 SSH, arm circles, airpress, seal claps, overhead claps,  reverse arm circles, windmills, through the tunnel. We did a slow mosey to the cross to do 100 calf raises, slow mosey to bleachers for 100 step-ups, then gathered coupons to parking lot for…

The Never-Before-Seen DORA DORA DORA the Explorer

The Thang:

DORA legs: 100 skaters, 200 squats with blocks, 200 lunges

DORA Core: 50 heel touches, 100 freddy mercury, 150 LBCs

DORA arms: 50 curls, 100 dry docks, 150 bent over rows

Returned the blocks, did a few 10 count superman’s, stretched OYO quickly before name-o-rama, shared some announcements and prayers, closed out! Flop joined us (Sunshine, Single Barrel, Rubber, First Base, ERC, Mr. Jingles, Jetah, Billy Blanks, YHC).



YHC bit off more than he could chew with trying to do 100/200/300 Doras (both for the amount of work and the ability of the PAX to count well). We improvised to make sure we could complete all 3 Dora’s, which Quaker said has never been done! I was striving and experimenting to plan a beatdown that was challenging but not too taxing on any one particular part of the body (knowing some of the injuries some of us were dealing with) and hope I accomplished that. Shoutout to:

Elmers for joining us (if that HIM says he’ll be there then it’s 100% certain he’ll be there)

Quaker for pre-running with YHC 2.0 Billy Blanks (who has surpassed my current running ability)

Sunshine for bringing the flag after YHC fumbled his responsibilities last week

Mr. Jingles for joining us as part of his farewell tour!

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