Dora’s evil sister Nora

Dora’s evil sister Nora

Workout Date:





Spork, Ezekiel (DR F3Carpex) Hamburglar, Rubber, Brownbag, Candycane, OneCall, Boxcar, ERC, Rockytop,

The Thang:

Back when O’Douls took over this AO he hit me up to fill the March Q sheet. I immediately jumped at the chance. He told me he was on the 11th So I said I’ll take the 9th. It was our kickass workout week. Well, as we all know, O’douls is out with a major Achilles issue resting, doing PT and low low impact gym workouts. So now I need Rubber to keep up his end of the deal. Lol.

I show up at 4:55 to find Hambuglar running around the AO which he did 3 miles today. Apparently 26.2 miles on Saturday wasn’t enough. Dude runs a marathon Saturday and he’s running Monday morning! He’s like a machine! And he has no idea we’re going to be running non stop today. Anyway this is my Second Q outside of #Catapult, and First Bombsquad Q, So I didn’t want to disappoint, especially on Big Monday. Even better we had a visiting Pax from F3Carpex which I didn’t realize until much later. Shoot, well hopefully he enjoyed! I always enjoy it when we have DR Pax.

One minute warning

Proper mission and disclaimer


25 SSH IC, 15 IW IC, 22 Merkins OYO, 15 Hillbillies IC, Batwings 20 Ea IC LBAC F,R, Seal Claps, OHC.


Mosey to coupon pile and pick one up. Mosey to large parking lot where cones are setup thanks to Sporks help. Everyone partner up.

As promised Nora the evil sister

1) Total of 200 four count flutter kicks per team.

Partner one does flutters while partner two does suicides. Mosey to first parking lot cross line and do one Burpee, mosey back to beginning, tag fence, Mosey to second parking lot line and do two burpees, mosey back fence tag up and mosey to other side of parking lot and do three burpees and back to beginning swap out, rinse and repeat until 200 flutters are achieved.

2) Total of 200 Lion Kings per team.
Same 1,2,3 suicide concept as above except throw in Scorpion Dry Docks.

3) Total of 150 (Curls, Tricep Ext, OHP One rep) per team. So basically doing 150 of each one.

Same 1,2,3 suicide concept as above except throw Crucible Merkins into the mix. Hands rotate 90 degrees out and do a merkin. I announced any pax caught doing regular merkins will incur a 10 burpee penalty. Just want to make sure everyone was clear on instructions. Pax perked right up and heard these instructions. 🤣

Great work men. Take coupons back and circle up for 5 minutes of Mary.

Pikachu 15 Crunchy Frog IC

Onecall 20 Hello Dolly IC

Spork 20 Heels to Heaven IC


Great push everyone and truly enjoyed this one and thanks for the support.




Dragon boat April 25th. get signed up and plugged into this. MB police are looking for revenge and F3 men are looking to defend our title.

Drop any used or unused shoes off to Boxcar. No holes in shoes please!

Prayers for Family, Family traveling, Marriages, Students!

Honor to Lead these men and thanks for believing in today’s workout.



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