Dude, where’s my gloves?

Dude, where’s my gloves?

Workout Date:





Kitten, Sunshine, Skid mark, Brown bag (Respect!), Rubber, Vitamin D

The Thang:

6 PAX came out for some early Tuesday morning fun. At 5:29, I gave the 1-minute warning, followed by the disclaimer at 5:30. Our COP included:

20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

20 windmills ic

20 imperial walkers ic

20 arm circles ic (forward and reverse)

22 merkins oyo

We moseyed about 1 mile down 65th Ave. N. to the beach parking lot. After a 10-count, we did some burpee bear crawl suicides (bear crawl 1 parking space, run back, 1 burpee, bear crawl 2 parking spaces, run back, 2 burpees, etc., all the way to 10 spaces and 10 burpees). Note to self: this is hard and painful, especially in a gravel lot, ESPECIALLY without gloves.

Following another 10-count, we moseyed back to the AO. Once there, we closed the workout with Jack Webbs, making it to 7 merkins and 28 overhead presses before time was called.

Announcements: Sunshine has plugged people’s names into the Village Q Sheet. Take a look, and see where you are plugged in. Swap with someone else if you have a conflict.

Prayers: Prayers for Rubber as he handles some things at work. Brown bag’s parents just celebrated their 64th anniversary. Prayers for one of Vitamin D’s kids as she has her first day with a new teacher at school.

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