Easing back into it

Easing back into it

Workout Date:





Hoser, Lombardi, High Interest, Rousey, Headgear, Dreamliner (Hampton Roads), OneCall

The Thang:

Hot and humid

With some of us still recovering from aches and pains and loads of blisters and missing toenails, I kinda sorta put out to the group – let’s ease into things some as we returned to our ruck workout.  So that was the plan.  Nice pace, some PT, get all things covered and get back into #WaveRucker.

The workout was a basic one hitting all parts.  I think the humidity made it a bit more brutal.  I had a plan, and as luck would have it, was able to modify some to include all the PAX!  So, we kinda eased into it, and kinda didn’t.

1 minute warning.  No Valvano or BoxCar who were both HC’s.  Weedeater hasn’t been seen since the Star Course – other than his photos of various body parts falling off.

Disclaimer – YHC notices there are 7 PAX (7/4/2019 theme – even though it is only the 3rd)

Mosey (ruck style) to planes!

PT Session 1 – all with rucks
Merkins x 20 OYO
Squats x 19 OYO
Get-ups x 4 (each side)
Flutters x 20 IC – press or hold ruck – your choice
Up and Overs x 19 IC
Ruck Swings x 4 (2x=8) OYO
Curls x 10, into tri extensions x 10, into Curls x 10, into tri extensions x 10,
Alternating shoulder presses x 19 OYO
Incline Merkins x 7, right into derkins x 7
Step ups x 10 each leg (=20)
Dips x 19 OYO

We would now ruck to the parking deck and up to the top and since there were 7 of us (JULY), each would call an exercise when we got there, so plenty of time to think about it

Got to top for PT Session 2
YHC – in the interest of “Easing into it” told the PAX to call their exercises but no burpees.
Darn you Headgear – fine, no burpees, we will do harder burpees – manmakers – 8 count, 8 of em
Hoser called for an overhead ruck walk with a stop at each light and an OH Ruck squat
Lombardi had us overhead ruck back to the other side
Rousey called for Flutters x 12 IC
High Interest went pure legs with 7 lunges each leg
Dreamliner called for 15 Hodors – demonstrating this full body brutality
YHC, indicating it was still strong into beach body season, called for 10 curls of your ruck with EACH ARM!


Off to the playground, back down the deck as we came in

PT Session 3 – which we will now call Crossfit Ivan

7 minutes, 7 reps each exercise, do it all, do it with good form, do it hard, you versus you
Merkins with ruck – regular, diamond, or wide arm – your choice and vary as desired
BBSU’s with ruck
Various forms of pull-ups, chin ups, side to side ups
#T-Claps to Dreamliner and Headgear for doing these with their rucks on!
Rinse and repeat and keep going til time is up!


Back to start

Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for families traveling over holidays
Prayer requests for those still healing
Prayer requests for F3Cleveland and our Brother F3Thunderdome and his family for loss of 2.0 – #wearGreen
Prayer requests unspoken

– Strong work this morning by everybody in the brutal humidity!  Stay hydrated and stay safe!
– I have missed the gloom as I healed up the last week.  Nothing like waking up early, getting out there, having some fellowship, working hard, sweating out the impurities and feeling AWESOME and ready to attack the day!!!!!!

– Lots of stuff going on tomorrow – post somewhere.  Keep EH’ing – been a ton of FNG’s the past 2 weeks!!



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