Easy Day @ The Plank

Easy Day @ The Plank

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Headgear, Rousey. Vanna (FNG), Hojo, Kiwi, Nuke, Manzel, Castaway, Hot Tub, Flop, Buffet, Red Card, Beats

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70s and Humid- Typical August morning

My Q around the different AOs for the month of July/August continued at the Plank this morning! 4 Qs in 40 days. This is the most I have done in this period of time.. I’ve enjoyed my Q trip and will try to continue to visit other AOs we have since #HIM are covering Qs at Catapult.

I didn’t time this Q the best since I forgot I had a fantasy football draft the night before. Late nights do not equal great starts to the morning 🙂 Splashing Merlot was a close one for me this morning!! I kept my composure though.

Since this is my first Q at the new “Village” (The Plank), I was unaware of the lack of proper shovel flag planting accommodations, which lead to The Catapult flag falling on the ground. My bad- Headgear reminded me of the signficant burpee penalty, however, I was not up for that challegne this morning.

One minute warning was announced and requested PAX to circle around the MB mid-field circle.

Disclaimer was given and the mission, but used the term “can’t sue the church” by mistake. Just a habit lol. Correction made and onto The Thang:


20- Hairy Rockettes IC

20- Hillbillies IC

20- IWs IC

20- Tempo Squats IC

20- Shoulder Taps IC

15- Plank Jacks IC

20- Big Arms Circles (not big baby arm cirles) IC

20-Chinooks IC

20- Big Arms Circle IR IC

15- Chinooks IR IC

The Thang

Directed PAX to stay in the COP. I would start with 10 burpees and go around the COP to the next PAX to do 10 burpees (adjusted to 5 burpees after I completed 10 to conserve time). While other PAX are doing their set of burpees, other PAX are doing the following AMRAP exercises: 5 Merkins, 5 Big Boys, 5 Squats

Next, the following set of exercises were performed IC:

10 Merkins IC, 20 LBCs, one lap around AO track

10 Merkins IC, 20 LBCs IC, 30 SSHs IC, one lap

10 Merkins IC, 20 LBCs IC, 30 SSHs IC, 40 Squats IC one lap- Here Rousey busted my balls about how this was an “easier” beatdown of the week, but he did call me a Beast too, so who knows lol

Shout out to Headgear with helping call cadence during second round of LBCs  so I could catch my breathe 🙂

Another set of the above burpee circle was performed. This time YHC did 10 burpees instead of 5 for the “penalty”of dropping the flag.



20 Freddy Mercurys IC




Naming FNG (Howard), Vanna- who was named after Vanna White being a North Myrtle Beach native.

Announcements- Headgear led announcements: Discussed the F3 mission statement & core principles with FNG,  10 yr anniversary weekend at Cape Fear (10/8-10/10), Freed to Bleed event/challenge (10/29), and there was one other I am forgetting- my apologies in advance; it was a rough morning!

I prayed us out- grieving of the soliders lost in yesterday’s Kabul incident, Weasel’s cousin, teacher/students challenges at school, showing love to all, and unspoken prayers.

As always, it’s an honor to lead and thanks for having me at this awesome AO! Pounds to The Plank!


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