Elevate Yourself

Elevate Yourself

Workout Date:





One Call, Boxcar, Hoser, Lombardi, Flip, Flop, Fergie, Bling

The Thang:

Monday- beginning of the week, time to get up and hit it hard!  Time to get to Doug Shaw!

AOQ Valvano needed help with a Q opening, and asked for the “Best” to fill the spot.  So, after going thru 10-12 PAX, he turned to me….. Challenge accepted!  Notified the YOP boys for pick up and made our way over to DS, putting a solid plan together late late Sunday night (about 7pm).  Pulled into DS lot with Boxcar and One Call still snoozing to a few cars ready to roll!  Flop had his son Flip drive his own car??  huh.

8 total PAX ready to roll, all with rucks.  5 with sandbags- lets hit this!

leave bags at goal line, lets do a warm up lap and warm up set of stairs- back to the goal line and bags.

starting at goal line, going to 25, 50, 25, end line (4 stops for PT) and ruck back to start

round 1- rucks and bags- 10 merkins at each stop.  rucks only- 10 merkins, 10 squats

round 2- rucks and bags- 10 cleans each stop.  rucks only- over head hold- 10 curls and 10 tris per stop

ruck lap/rest- grab sandbags at end and do a set of stairs with bags.  (Flip took off and starting running stairs and laps to embarrass us all!).  set of stairs with sandbag is brutal.

round 3- rucks and bags- front carry 10 curls each stop (try to hold bag up entire time- nice work Hoser!). rucks only- 10 merkins, 10 curls, 10 tris.

round 4- rucks and bags- 10 squats (dont drop bag) rucks only- 20 squats.  SMOKEFEST

ruck lap, set if stairs with rucks- 2nd set of stairs without rucks- try and be faster!



solid work gentlemen- great having Flip run around us and make us look weak!!   great having OC back after his hiatus/boycott/vacation….. Lombardi, Hoser, Boxcar, Fergie, Flop- all pushed hard today as usual!

prayed out.



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