Elevation Blitz

Elevation Blitz

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Valvano, Lombardi, Hoser, Boxcar, Rousey, Fergie, Hamburglar, Flop

The Thang:


Start of the week and time to “rise up” with some work at Doug Shaw.  Our AOQ was 50/50 for attendance and asked that I take the Q- When Valvano asks, you take it and run!  Great to see him show up!

Rucks only for this beatdown (thank you Rousey for the sandbag for Hamburglar).  Arrived at AO with my new carpool partner to a nice group of cars/PAX!  Did not check the weather and assumed all was fine- turned out Mother Nature had other plans as the thunder was rumbling.

grab rucks and head onto the track for a warmup lap as an “in motion” disclaimer was given.  Back to the start and onto the steps for the beatdown.  We would do 1 flight/set of stairs with out your ruck, then the same flight/set with ruck, then move to the next set off stairs.  8 flights up and8 flights down, 4 with and 4 without ruck-nice work here gentlemen.

recovery lap around track-but with a twist.  overhead hold on the ends/curve of track-carry on the straightaways. ending up at the end of the stairs (with the thunder and lightning increasing).  repeat the same up/down with and without rucks. Brutal.

at the end of the flights, the lightning was getting too close and felt unsafe for the group in that “steel box” of a stadium.  moved out to the lot and called the workout at 0535. #notworthit!

Great to have a solid group out there this am.  Rousey and Flop joining us, the usual Valvano, Hoser, Lombardi, Boxcar,  and now Fergie pushing thru Monday and Wednesday.  And also Hamburglar, who blitz the entire workout with a 60 pound sandbag!  Solid by all!

Quick announcements and prayer as the rain was starting!


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