Elevenses – Not a Hobbit meal

Elevenses – Not a Hobbit meal

Workout Date:



Kiwi (Respect)


Rocky Top, Rousey, Pikachu, O’Douls, Kiwi (respect) (QIC)

The Thang:

Arrived early for a little set up and stretching on this cool breezy 36 degree morning at Catapult.  Looking forward to getting back after the Thanksgiving break.  Shortly after my early arrival Rousey rolled in at his usual early arrival followed by O’Douls, Pikachu with Rocky Top sliding into home plate right at warm up.  Pretty typical Catapult group.

One minute warning given followed by disclaimer, F3 mission statement –  Plant, grow, serve small workout groups of men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Recited principles

Warm up was accompanied by discussion of Pikachu’s Buffalo Bills gear, followed by O’Douls support of anemic jets and the upcoming last game between the two.  Growing up in St. Louis I have no dog in this fight but fun to listen to the two of them and perhaps the Bromance being over although they are both doing Disney over Christmas so perhaps it will re-ignite.  Perhaps they will send us a video of them singing its a small world after all.

15 SSH

15 LBAC – F

15 LBAC – B

15 OVC

15 TTT

15 Tempo Squats

Mosey to coupon pile and on to the big parking lot for some Elevenses four corner work out.  During the Mosey Rousey kept feeding the flames of dissension with a discussion of Catapult’s Christmas Bike Gift being Blue and Green (Bills/Jets) – Penelope organizing this support of the less fortunate.

Four cones set up 25 yards apart in a square.  Two sets of elevens (Elevenses)

First Cone – 1 CPR with block – curl, press, raise (tri-extension)

Second Cone – 10 Bobby Hurleys – slap the ground to jump shot

Third Cone – 1 Merkin

Fourth cone – 10 LBC

Progress through building to eleven and decreasing to one at all stations.

Still plenty of time for more fun and my shoulder didn’t hurt enough so then we took two cones about 50 yards apart and teamed up with one partner moseying and the other starting with shoulder taps for first four rounds then going to a couple of rounds of flutters and mosey, followed by four rounds of Carolina Dry docks and mosey during the whole workout we found out that neither the Bills or Jets fans in the group can count past 9-10-11 (depending on who is counting) so make up work was provided.  Lots of discussion of cheating.

Finished off with coupons back to pile, Count O Rama / Name O Rama

Annoucements – Christmas Party with Child Care December 7 – get your money to High Interest

GS/Republic Convergence at the Nut House in Conway on December 21 for Ugly Christmas /Holiday sweater beatdown.

Prayers  Rousey / Kiwi’s sons and those in need – praises for God’s strength in our daily walk.

Always an honor and privilege!

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