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Valvano, Lombardi, Boxcar, Castaway, Tiny Dancer, Rousey (RESPECT), Headgear, Kiwi (RESPECT), Jeter, Early Bird, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Breezy and low 70’s.  Nice

Was looking forward to this Q a week after GrowRuck, and put it together to concentrate and work on YHC’s weaknesses, as well as those of others, as demonstrated by many failures at the APFT test.  So, rucks and bags.  Had to explain to Kiwi where #EM, that has existed for several years, would take place.  Was sad Bling couldn’t post after CRUSHING a half marathon Saturday that he was still tight from…extra baths today I am sure.  Even sadder Hoser is on IR..hopefully just for a short time.  But glad to see many other HC’s show up!

Everyone just kinda started heading to field, so no 1 minute warning.  Disclaimer given (thank goodness as Rousey hurt himself).

Warm up Rucks only lap
Warm up rucks and sandbag lap
Warm up mosey lap…25 merkins, 25 BBSU, flutters on 6
All in, Flutters x 20 IC, hold 6″ for a while.

Skin your gear….run up and down each of the 4 flights of steps
1 step at a time.  Fast.
25 merkins, 25 BBSU, flutters on 6
Run up and down each of the 4 flights of steps
2 steps at a time.  Fast.
25 merkins, 25 BBSU, plank on 6
Hold plank for a while

Ruck up.  Formation 2 lines behind Headgear and Valvano
Ruck a lap together BUT walk 20 steps; Shuffle/double time 20
It took Soto 24 to match V’s 20.  Rousey is injured.  But powers through.
Same thing with sandbag but do 30 walk, 10 mosey – Boxcar and EB in the front
Boxcar cannot count; Rousey to do 40 burpees as he can no longer run
15 merkins with ruck
15 BBSU’s with ruck
Plank on 6; then plank as a group for a while

Rucks on
Steps – all 4 flights
10 merkins with ruck
10 BBSU’s with ruck
Hold 6″
Finished with 25 flutters IC

Time.  Sweaty.  Awesome!

Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer requests for unspoken

– Valvano – just on another level
– Lombardi – “The Mayor” pushing hard all morning as always
– Boxcar had the front on the sandbag lap.  30 ruck steps.  I think he gave us like 8.  I mean, he probably never counts much higher than 2, maybe 3 on an exiting night as a soccer coach, but still!
– Castaway – realizes during workout how amazing Doug Shaw is and how glad he moved TheVillage to be named ThePlank to this amazing location.  Kiwi – pay attention!
– Tiny Dancer – leading all morning…except he kept NOT interlacing his fingers during BBSUs….thank you to Castaway for pointing that out
– Rousey – gotta say, bummed your knee was hurt….take some of Headgear’s ruck wraps and START with them on!!!!
– Headgear – strong work as always
– Kiwi – Awesome having you back out…think the last time we rucked was our first training session!  Got a sandbag anytime you wanna join us
– Jeter – 94 F***s; 8 inappropriate prison jokes; Also, failed to do something nice for his MOTHER on MOTHER’s DAY!  But still great to have you back out in the gloom – be on the lookout as he is trying to coordinate with Brown Bag something special for Memorial Day weekend
– Early Bird – Brand new 3.0 ruck.  Towel as a weight.  Creases still on ruck.  Kicking butt and all in after GrowRuck!
**THERE IS A PULL UP BAR AT THE AO NOW!!  Remember for future Q’s!

– Freed to Bleed coming up again Wednesday.  Give blood; save lives; be AWESOME.  Lunch for some as well – check Slack
– This is what I was referencing this am: https://www.bittyandbeauscoffee.com/
– ThePlank has a shirt order coming up…be on the lookout.  Probably something like this:


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