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O'Douls (AOQ), First Base, Hedgehog, Killington, Pikachu, Cross Stitch, Judge Judy, Candy Cane, Einstein

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Perfect workout weather this morning- clear, no wind, 49 degrees. Cross Stitch and Einstein were getting in a pre-run when I arrived around 5:00. Good work guys. The goal today was to use the whole AO. A full lap around Catapult is exactly a third of a mile, and the goal was to get a mile of running in, while stopping at 5 stations for various exercises. Pikachu’s farting was really well layered into the whole beatdown. Usually it’s all at the end during Mary, but there was a good mix of warm up farts, running farts, and mid-exercise farts. Just really well done.

After warm-up, mosey to station 1.

LAP 1: Station 1- one leg squats x 20, station 2- 7 burpees, station 3- leg raised merkins x 20, station 4- donkey kicks x 15, station 5- cadence curls x 20 + 10 full curls.

LAP 2: Station 1- step ups x 20, station 2- 7 burpees, station 3- 10 windmill merkins, station 4- wall sit x 20 Pax count twice around the circle, station 5- one arm rows x 20.

LAP 3: Station 1- Hop-ups on the curb (stand 2 feet back from the curb, squat, jump onto curb, squat, jump back to ground). I’m told these are new, and like discovering a star I’m told I can name them. They are henceforth known as Crab-Hops. Station 2- 10 burpees, station 3- merkins x 10 slow IC, Station 4- Wall flops x 15, station 5- block swings x 12.

We were 3 mins ahead of schedule so we mixed in some sprints. Pax lined up in skinny lot:

Round 1- 75% for 75 yards, lunge walk half way back, mosey to start.

Round 2- 100% for 75 yards, lunge walk halfway back, mosey to COT.

COT- Judge Judy called 15 dying cockroaches, Cross Stitch called a 30 second grind your nuts into the pavement. I mean Supermans.

Announcements, prayers. Good call out to be compassionate for one another- F3 guys, family,  friends, neighbors, total strangers. I saw a woman get arrested Tuesday at the CVS drive through for essentially being a huge disruptive asshole to the pharmacy tech. It’s a stressful time for many people. Both of those people, the pharmacy tech and the asshole, could really use our grace instead of our judgement. As far as prayer, there are 2 community members in the F3 sphere of influence going through health struggles. Ongoing prayers and support from us to them during this time, as well as the ones that are unspoken.

Einstein- thanks for coming out to Catapult, welcome.

Thanks all for coming out to support me and each other.

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