F3 – A Return 2Q

F3 – A Return 2Q

Workout Date:





Beaker, Cubby, Deep Dish, FDIC, Honey-Do (Respect), Little Professor, Quicksand (Q)

The Thang:

2Q or Not 2Q!?

This was this question presented to me by cubby Saturday at coffeteria. I have taken a very long hiatus from q’ing due to beginning another AO for Timeshare on alternating days. After GrowRuck I have been doing what I can to be better and my hesitancy to commit was all coming from the jester. I immediately confirmed and selected the first available day. The jester was strong and wouldn’t stop until the SSH’s… 3 days later.

I Arrived at the AO and Cubby is there getting the flag ready. A few others pull up and then what is to be the rest arrive. They all begin to circle up by the flag. We had 3 DR Pax; FDIC, Deepdish (Father) and Little Professor (Son) from Lake Norman. I am at my truck getting myself together while the jester wouldn’t stop. I didn’t know what type of workout I wanted to do. I had brought notes with me and had what a few of the Pax consider a Rolodex for my q-armband but the jester kept bringing doubt. I call the 2 minute warning from the truck. 30 seconds left I start going into the center of the AO a little away from the flag and we all start to converge in a circle. I speak the disclaimer and get to it:

30 Imperial Walkers IC
30 LBAC Forward
30 LBAC Reverse
24 Arm Raises (I sort of changed my voice and the PAX thought I did the inflexión and called halt) I think their arms were tired.
TTT 30 IC (I do the first 10 very slowly to feel and old the stretch)
A few other exercises I threw in but do not recall.

It was at this time Beakers asks Honey-Do (Fellow Pax who started the other AO. We work out 3x a week together) if I’m this fired up when He and I work out. It was at this moment I realized when I got started with the SSH the jester was quite and I began pushing a little more then average. I didn’t realize it. All those jester thoughts just stopped once I began. The guys were feeling it in the warmup. This helped me to balance things a little better and remember to bring the stretching and breathing into focus through out the workout.

We then did some high knees from one end of the parking lot to the other returning with butt kicks. Proceeded with Downward Dog to hold a stretch. Another round with Toy Soldiers and Frankenstein’s. Some discussion as to the difference between the two and what others are similar.

Then a Mosey to the yoga mat at the park with no stops on the way. It’s not a long run but for those who do not run it’s one they will feel. At the yoga mat we discussed the 5 principles. Pax looked like they needed a breather. I have them written down to make sure I repeat them correctly as I have yet to remember in the short time of 6 years being involved with F3.

Then I ask what the F3 term for the exercises I wanted to do. After I explained Cubby reminded me it’s called a Dora. Thanks Cubby! A Dora is:
Teams of 2 pax working together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, and 300 reps. Pax 1 executes as many reps as possible while Pax 2 sprints 100 yards down and back. Flapjack until team goal is reached. Exercises are a top-to-bottom of body progression, i,e, 100 merkins per team (chest), 200 LBCs per team (core), 300 squats per team (legs). Modified Dora 1-2-3 is 50, 100, and 150 reps.

First exercise are burpees modified with a jack. Second exercise are squats. Third exercise was Pax choice and Beaker selected Hello Dolly’s. Some chatter about this workout being like something Chris Farley did….hey, he was hilarious so if everyone’s having a good time during the beatdown then we are only getting better. We begin the Dora and it seems like they guys are struggling a little bit. Could be just I was struggling but it was a good time to stay behind with each group during the squat exercises and have the guys walk around instead of run. Sometimes we need to regain our composure and catch our breath. I had everyone forget about the count and just did a real slow breathing exercise with the squat. Eventually we were all flowing with the up and down synced with inhale and exhale. The PAX walking came back. Some confusion about what in the world I was doing and so I stayed again with the first group and did the breathing exercises. The first time it didn’t seem like anyone was listening. I tried to get Beaker’s attention the first go around but you could just tell through his facial expressions he was doing everything he could to do to go up and down. These horrendous looking squats looked painful. Sorry Beaker but man if I only had video! But it did help me to remember our form is very important and if we need to take the time and do less or take longer then that is what we need to do for ourselves.

After squats we began the hello Dolly’s and stopped that due to the time. I had everyone get up and just as we are almost off the yoga mat had everyone get down and up 5x.

A Mosey back to the AO slowing down to do some skipping using this exercise to stretch out.  Circled up and did 5 burpees then Cubby did 22 Merkins. “The 22 Pushup Challenge, sometimes called the 22KILL Pushup Challenge, was an activity involving pressing out twenty-two pushups to promote awareness for veteran suicide prevention along with honoring military service members and veterans.”

Beaker had to leave for work after the count. It was truly an honor to lead you all this gloom! Each and everyone of you helped me to be better and I pray I did the same for you. Thank you.


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