F3 Sharknado – Ringet

F3 Sharknado – Ringet

Workout Date:



Kiwi 2XR


Ringo 2XR, Shoeless 2XR, Brandon R

The Thang:

Workout Date: 10/03/22

QIC: Kiwi (2XR)

PAX: Ringo (or is it Ringet?) 2XR, Brandon (a little late)R, Shoeless 2XR

The Thang: AO Sharknado

Conditions: Perfect 52

YHC Pulled in around 5:00 AM after an early wake up. I wanted to pull the blocks out to have them ready to go only to find that the blocks were Gone! A mystery was started so I started typing a message to region HIM about needing blocks and First base informed me that he had blocks that would be available as soon as I could hook up with the shieldlock brother. At this point Shoeless drove up in his big white chariot and informed me that he had borrowed (key word here) the blocks for a block beatdown at Warthog – no harm no foul and looks like I’ll be painting up and adding some blocks via First base.

Ringo Showed up absent his long pony tail and announced his wife said his new hairdo made him look single respect (in his 50s) which he was all cleaned up and spiffy.

COP: (all in Cadence)

20 – TTT

19 Imperial Walkers

20 Hillbillies


20 Hairy Rockettes

20 squatting overhead presses (I am sure there is a lexicon name for these but not sure what it is)

Basic premise is 4 stations spread out around the AO with three exercises X 20 reps followed by same 4 stations X 10 reps

Station 1 was the picnic tables which had been turned over because of Ian at which time Shoeless managed to hurt himself by banging his shin when flipping tables upright. Not a serious injury but we had blood so things were looking up. So once Shoeless cussed a little under his breath we did the three exercises:

20 step ups each leg

20 decline merkins

20 dips

Station 2 was the Timberlake sign down at the front of the AO

20 – 2 count Mountain Climbers

20 – Merkins

20 – Monkey Humpers for everyone on 707

Station 3 was back up to the church front entrance – the back and forth up and down the AO provided some good cardio

Flutters 4 Count X 20

LBC X 20

Heels to Heaven X 20

Station 4 – back down towards front of AO

20 Blockees

20 Curls for girls

20 bent over rows

All this was followed up by same workout X 10 of each exercise

We then returned the blocks and had time for a round of Mary

Ringo – Hello Dolly in cadence X 20

Brandon -American Hammers in cadence X 15

Shoeless – Boxcutters X 20

Kiwi – 2 minute Plank



Announcements: 1st F Challenge – I will bring the printed sheet

Hightower WOD results – Shoeless

2nd F lunches this week

Prayers – Will Ropp, Mary Ropp, Hurricane victims and first responders, silent

Upcoming Qs at Sharknado – Valvano 10/17, Fergie 10/24, Ringo 10/31

Honor to Lead