Festivus Miracle

Festivus Miracle

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Backdraft, BallCoach (DR - Birmingham), Texas Ranger, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Rainy, Windy, 53 Degrees…beautiful weather


A weak attempt at following Bling and OneCall’s lead and Q’ing across the GrandStrand this December as well as Skid’s request to jump on the Q sheet at BombSquad is what got YHC here today.  Sorry…didn’t get on the Q sheet for Timeshare, Blackbeard, WaverRucker, BeachBells, or Elevation Monday so it was a really weak attempt.  Christmas is just around the corner and PAX are DR, staying up late, getting sick, it was windy and rainy and YHC was on Q so numbers for Big Monday were a little low.  On Sunday, BallCoach sent a tweet out that he was in from Birmingham and posting so YHC knew he had to step it up for our visitor.  Then BrownBag sent a text telling me he had to wrap gifts but was sorry he wouldn’t make it???  Hamburglar text came through asking to meet for a pre-run at 0445…man does, YHC really hate that guy holding YHC accountable.   Monday comes around and Rousey is up at 0430 texting that he has a cold and won’t make it.

YHC shows up early, drops off the white board and it is now 0448…no Hamburglar so YHC runs a lap around the AO and Hamburglar shows up now and YHC ended up getting a couple of miles in before setting up the shovel flag.

1 minute warning



SSH x25 IC

JumpRope a few minutes.  Try some high knee jumping

IW x15 IC

Goofballs x15 IC (This one was new for BallCoach.  We think its going back to Birmingham courtesy of our F3Republic friends)

LBACs x15 IC


Mosey to the coupon pile to begin the beatdown.  One coupon per PAX. Then to the awning in front of the church.

12 Days of Festivus/Christmas

1. OverHead Coupon Jailbreak/Run around the church drop off/entrance.

2. Coupon Side Lunges

3. Burpees (no coupon)

4. Block Merkins

5. Coupon Squat Thrusters

6. Broad Jump Burpees (no coupon)

7. Bonnie Blairs (2 count, no coupon)

8. BBSUs (no coupon)

9. Coupon Flutter Kicks (2 count)

10. Body Builders (no coupon)

11. Coupon Goblet Squats

12. Run x 1 Lap around the AO

Return Coupons








Just as we returned the last coupon and were moseying back to the shovel flag, the church bells from St. Mark’s across the street, rang singalong that it was 0600.  What a Festivus Miracle to finish on time.  Pre-Beatdown, YHC didn’t think we would finish this one but these #HIM pushed through and got it done!

YHC knows that there are a lot of #12DaysOfChristmas WODs but believes that this one is better.  YHC also admits to stealing some this 12 Days workout from Beast Ninja where YHCs 2.0s workout but modifications were made to make this one even better!

It was great to have BallCoach in town with a good push and afterwards, he even asked where the next workout is!  Tuesday #Warthog, #NotTheVillage.

Backdraft has been a consistent poster and we can always count on him to push through the beatdown.

Hamburglar with the 0551 Run is always up for a challenge and ready to push and lead!

Glad Texas Ranger rolled in as we started the beatdown.  He has come a long way and is crushing it!  He may also have the furthest burpee broad jump of the entire PAX.

It was raining, weather sucked, lots of Christmas stuff to do and kids keeping us up late.  YHC is glad these PAX showed and missed those that didn’t.  Don’t worry…we kept you all in our prayers.  AOs are still open this week with the exception of Christmas Day.  A few are still looking to fill the Q sheet for Thursday…but you don’t need to worry about that because Karma is up for his Birthday Q at Warthog Thursday and Geno’s Birthday Q Saturday and Don’t miss Rousey’s Christmas Eve Q tomorrow, he is making up for several PAX-less Qs and promises to bring the pain and maybe his bucket.

Find a place to post this week and work off those Christmas Cookies…well, post at Warthog…not The Village…except Friday…YHC is on Q there!   It’s always an honor to lead these #HIM.


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