For Bombsquad, Over and Out.

For Bombsquad, Over and Out.

Workout Date:





E.R.C, Beefsteak, Gambler, Humpback, Spork, Disconnect (YHQ)

The Thang:

Spork decide to catch me in the worst time, laying in bed, almost in dream land, I hate! I hate when my phone goes off….. Spork….. Hey when you leaving?
Oct 6, ohhh ok, hey! You want to Q Bombsquad before you leave?
See when Spork does this to me, it’s an opportunity for me to get him to fill a Q at Warthog…., desperately needing to fill the queue sheet for October,

Sure! I’ll do a back to back the last week I’m here! Why not! I really just want to go to sleep.

Turns out I really do enjoy the Boys at Bombsquad,

Spork and I tend to talk well after I need to leave to get back home, and I have always felt welcome and Been able to get a good Monday and Wed beatdown if I did it want to ruck.
So Before I head off into the wild blue yonder,

I shall beatdown the bomb squad one more time.

Thanks to all that showed up, I know a lot of you guys couldn’t make it, some I have already said goodbye to and some my show up Saturday. Whatever happens, I will always have your 6, no matter where I am. AYE!

The  Thang!

0514 One min Warning

0515 Welcome

Proper disclaimer given.

a bit of small talk and..…

25 SSH
20 I/W
5 burpees OYO
15 TTT
22 Merkins OYO
LBAC forward 20
OHC -20
LBAC reverse 20

Mosey over to 4 corners
1st round
30- 4 count SSH
40-Flutter kicks 2 count
LBC on 6

Second round bear crawl short sides
10 diamond merkins
20- Prisoner squats
30- 2 count high knees.
40 Freddie mercuries-2 count
LBC on 6

Round 3 karaoke the short sides 
Depending on time.
10- Ranger merkins
20-lunges single leg.
30-2 count mountain climbers
40- 4 count LBCs
Plank on 6

Mosey back over to grab block.
11s turned into 7s
Compound man maker shoulder press.
Rifle carry
High back squat, or OHP squat. PAX choice.

Round of Merry for time
20 limit,
Each pax calls one out.


prayers for

the nation and after the Childish showing of our President and the the former VP it’s nuts. Some said they didn’t even make it through the first 5 mins. I was in bed, didn’t care lol.
My uncle Eric

and the 6 year old Kyle, ( hope I spelt the right)

down in MUSC with a whole mess of issues.

Brothers thank you for the push and the mumble chatter. Always an honor to lead.
write your worries in the sand chisel your victories and stone

Disconnect, form Bombsquad

Over and Out.


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