For the Love of Playing Football!

For the Love of Playing Football!

Workout Date:



Brown Bag and Billboard


Rousey, Kiwi, Megalodon 2.0, Hard Hat, Grilled Cheese, Weedeater, Flash, Blooper, Manziel, Bubbles, Butch, Tapout, Batman, Castaway, Chicken Little, Beefsteak, Candy Cane, Pikachu, Quaker, Sade, Tiny Dancer, Weasel , Brown Bag QIC, Billboard QIC

The Thang:

50 Degrees – PERFECT!


Here’s the breakdown – 


The North Team:

Brown Bag – Team Captain

Castaway – Offensive Captain

Chicken Little – Defensive Captain


Candy Cane




Tiny Dancer



The South Team:

Billboard – Team Captain

Hard Hat

Grilled Cheese










The Referees:



Megalodon 2.0


It all started with this text to Billboard on September 30th


We then planned and planned and planned. It all came together with the plan of a 7-on-7 flag football game on December 4th. Rousey agreed to lead the officiating crew while Billboard and YHC got busy building the North and South team rosters.


We had a few meetings to iron out the rules. Ultimately we wanted it competitive while at the same time being cognizant of minimizing injuries. 

We had to bail from playing at Doug Shaw due to their schedule being booked every weekend so we asked about Carolina Forest Community Church.

A big thanks to Mark Roach at Carolina Forest Community Church for allowing us to use the field and he even lined it for us! The field turned out to be a bit smaller than we wanted, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?


So here we are… game day!!!


YHC had the checklist checked and everything loaded in the car the night before. After a few last-minute printings of our different line-ups, I bolted out the door. Halfway down Carolina Forest Blvd, I reached for my phone… damn! Left it at home. Did a quick tourist-like u-turn, sped home, grabbed said phone, and bolted out the door once again. Arrived at the field later than I wanted but was still able to get almost everything set up.


At 7:10 Rousey and Kiwi called a meeting with Billboard and myself to go over some last-minute referee-type questions.


At 7:15 we played the National Anthem and let me tell you, Whitney Houston belted it out. We all looked up for the flyover but the Warthogs didn’t show.


Billboard and YHC met the officiating crew at midfield for the coin toss. (YHC remembered to bring a coin, pat myself on the back). Billboard and his South team were the visitors so he called the toss. “Heads!” Rousey flips and she lands Tails! First win of the day for the North! The decision was made to defer and let the South start on offense. 


At 7:20 the first 30 minute half started. We all found out right quick that Rousey was not putting up with any BS. After each team had a stalled drive, the South pierced the endzone with the first touchdown of the day. They went for 2 and got it. 


Score – North 0, South 8


The North settled down and scored before the end of the half with a beautiful catch and run by Beefsteak. Went for 2 and did not convert.


Score – North 6, South 8




After a 10 minute break, we got back at it, and oh, what a great choice it was to defer. The first play, bomb to Candy Cane for the score! This time the North went for 1 and still didn’t convert.


Score – North 12, South 8


Quite a bit of back and forth, stalled drives, interceptions, Pikachu acting like a bull in a china shop, Tiny Dancer finally ditching his slip, slip, slippery gloves… Boom another TD for the North. Castaway to Tiny Dancer. Went for 1 again… once again, didn’t convert.


Score – North 18, South 8


After a few more stalled drives Kiwi called time! End of game.


The North prevails!!!

Final Score

North 18 

South 8




Sade is like an outfielder catching easy fly balls – 3 INT’s

Castaway is the steady QB guiding the offense, his hair was perfect

Beefsteak is fast and is fun to watch run with the ball in his hands

Candy Cane receiving passes like he’s Megatron

Pikachu didn’t kill anyone, so that’s good

Chicken Little’s defensive plan would have worked to a ‘T’ if only he could herd cats

Quaker is probably still running, he started with 4 miles at 0515

Weasel was all over the field and stuffed them Southern boys while on defense

Tiny Dancer wishes he left those damn receiver gloves at home

Brown Bag (YHC) is 56 going on 26… Let’s get the next game scheduled!


HUGE Special THANKS to our Referees!

Rousey didn’t take no s__t!

Kiwi kept the game flow moving

Megalodon (Beefsteak’s 2.0) did an excellent job of marking the seven and counting the seven.


And a big thanks to the team from the South. Great game and we cannot wait to be invited to play on your turf!


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