Free The Bucket!

Free The Bucket!

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Headgear, Hamburglar, Bling, Valvano and Wolverine (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 50s (yes that is correct in February), dry, slight wind — opportunity to go sleeveless!  #sunsoutgunsout.

Equipment: Kettle Bell (KB); weights: 1 set of 40 lbs., 1 set of 50 lbs.,  1 60lb., 1 70lb., 1 80lb.  Sandbags; weights: 2 60lbs. (I believe).  70 lb. Smooth & Handleless Bucket: weight; 50 lb. sandbag and 20 more lbs. of scalable weight.

YHC took a last minute Q since our Nan’tan emeritus One-Call aka keeper of the bells was “out” getting over a particularly nasty strain of the zombie flu that sidelined him the whole week.  So, YHC drafted a #weinke, picked up a partial load of bells and sandbag, offered the Q to the rest of the Pax out of respect, then with no takers finalized the details with holding tomorrow’s beatdown outdoors .  One of the senior ranked Pax said “F” the bucket which was interpreted by YHC as “Free” the bucket (from my trunk).  Make it so!

5 Pax arrived with the bells lined up by weight and the sandbag & bucket apx. 40 yards apart from each other.  Add one more sandbag from the ruckers (Bling and Valvano) finishing an EC Pre-ruck.  Good morning, tunes blaring out of YHC’s 2.0 borrowed boom box complete with rhythmic light show, disclaimer and we hit the ignition!

Warm Up: 2 minutes of 8 – 10 reps. swinging (Pax choice of 1 hand or 2) of weight of their choice.

Circuit 1: Timer: 40 yard bucket carry to the sandbag/drop bucket & pick up sandbag/walk sandbag back 40 yards/reverse order if necessary with each Pax having a turn during the loop.  Apx. 5 – 7 mins.  While each Pax did said loop, the rest did a traditional KB swing with desired weight, switching bells with next man up on loop and doing 10 LBCs if at any point arms are smoked.

Circuit 2: Same timer and LBC rest concept.  Instead of swings, alternate curls and presses.

Circuit 3: Partner up.  Pax 1 does 30 swings with weight of choice (but challenging) and Pax 2 does weighted wall-sit.  2 rounds.

Circuit 4: Same timer and LBC rest concept as C1.  This time alternate between cleans & presses (or a full snatch) and row.

Circuit 5: With the KBs now strewn all over the place, YHC had Pax do a Wolverine awful classic of bear crawling around each bell stopping to do 1 staggered Merkin; plank at end. It was such a #crowdpleaser, we did it again; plank at end.

Circuit 6: Pax partnered up again for a final push.  Pax 1 did a final set of 35 KB swings with weight of their choice; Pax 2 did continuous Flutter Kicks.  Swap.


Count-O-Rama 6
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Merkin challenge; Q-Source well underway; check out F3 Grandstrand’s website, Slack channels and Tweets for all manner of news, 1st F challenges and initiatives and 2nd & 3rd F events and opportunities — get plugged in!

NMMS: Great push this morning!  Thanks for having the confidence in me to Q again!  Wolverine and One-Call are the pros — watch them for ideas.  If you haven’t tried Beach Bells or the Crucible, I encourage you to give it a go.  Start light, set reasonable goals and go out and crush it! KB training can be a great way to supplement whatever your training goals might be (running, rucking, mud races, etc.) as well being a solid & varied workout on its own!



I can do all things through #Him who gives me strength!  Phil. 4:13

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