Full Body Burner

Full Body Burner

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Texas Ranger, Quaker (R), Houdini (R), Ringo (Rx2), Pole Dancer (R), Brandon (R), Mole Man (2.0), Gable, Kiwi (RX2), Shoeless (RX2), Spinal Tap, U-Haul (RX2)

The Thang:

So after the big weekend with the guys at the Spartan Beast YHC got a text from Kiwi reminding me of my Q the following day and it was a good thing too because it had slipped my mind. After about 30 seconds I had a plan and I was able to sleep easy that night knowing I was prepared.

The plan was simple we were doing a 4 corner workout focusing on everything.

COP: 10X Hairy Rockettes IC, 10 SSHs IC, 10 TTY W/Clap Behind back, 10 Tempo Squats, 10 LBAC forward, 9 LBSC reverse. Off to the blocks

Along the way to the pile YHC spotted some prime picnic table so we stopped for 40 stepups and 20 Dips. Off to the blocks (for real this time). YHC instructed pax to make their way to the big lot with their blocks.

Round 1 (Upper Body): Corner 1-10 Tri Ext, 2-20 Curls, 3-30 OHP, 4-40 Rows. Each corner also included the exercises and reps from the previous.

Round 2 (Core): Corner 1- 10 BBSUs, Corner 2- 20 American Hammers, Corner 3- 30 Flutters IC, Round 4- 40 LBCs

Round 3 (Legs): Corner 1- 10 Jump Squats, Corner 2- 20 Alternating Lunges RL Only, Corner 3- 30 Squats, Corner 4- 40 Thrusters, Bonus 10 reps on the thrusters and finish out with the 6.

Rifle cary back to block pile with a surprise 10 HR merkins along the way to keep the arms warm.


Announcements: Christmas Party and Convergence, Bling’s 5K and scavenger hunt, Operation Christmas Child, Turkey Trot.

Prayers: Continued prayer for the Joes

YHC prayed us out.