Garage tour!! modified Q

Garage tour!! modified Q

Workout Date:





Billboard (respect), headgear, Franklin, Backdraft, fergie, Jingles (respect) QIC

The Thang:

Arrived at AO to few vehicles as it was 43 degrees and raining.

Had planned for touring lake at AO but, had to modify due to weather.

Got out of vehicle with 3 minutes before time, so others followed.  So called one minute to wait on last pac to exit vehicle.  Then we began thing!

We immediately told pacs to mosey to picnic shelter for warmups.

SSH- 20 IC

imperial walkers- 20 IC

through the tunnel- 20 IC

merkins- 22 OYO

then mosey to garage first level at elevator

1-diamond merkins IC

20 each exercise

2-jump swats OYO

3-mountain climbers IC

4-big boy sit-ups IC

mosey to next level as mosey commenced I took time to explain what F3 has ment to me!

1-merkins 20 IC

2-Squats 20 IC

3-plank jacks 20 OYO

4-big boy sit-ups 20 OYO

mosey to next level asked Billboard to explain F3 meant to him

1-wide arm merkins 20 IC

2-flutters 2 ct 20 OYO

3-SSH 20 IC

4-big boy sit ups 20 OYO

mosey to next level and down stairs

1-hand release merkins 20 OYO

2-Freddie Mercury 20IC

3-American hammers 20 IC

4-big boy sit ups 20 OYO

mosey to next level askedHead gear to explain what F3 meant to him

1-big boys sit ups 20 OYO

2-squats 20 OYO

3-merkins 20 IC

4-2 ct flutters 20 OYO

mosey to next level asked Franklin to explain what F3 has meant to him

1-Burpees 5 OYO

2-big boys sit-ups 10 OYO

3-plank jacks 15 OYO

4-diamond merkins 20 OYO

mosey to next level down stairs (pick up headgear and My jackets) then mosey back to flag as it had stopped raining.  Counted off, namearama, announcements, prayer request, prayed us out!!

As always an honor and pleasure to lead.  Thanks gentlemen!

Awesome day to follow for all!!


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