Go til I’m bored…

Go til I’m bored…

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Skimmer(R), SingleBarrel, SawDust, Pikachu, ScubaSteve, FirstBase, HoJo, O’Douls, CandyCane, Penelope, RockyTop, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: 75 degrees.  88% Humidity.  Felt better than it has been.

Got on the Q sheet after a request from Pikachu. Absolutely, YHC thought they wouldn’t have me back after my misunderstanding of “Low Impact Exercises” so I jumped on it right away!  YHC had some GORUCK events this past weekend but they were firearms courses so no worries.  Then YHC signed up for the Shooter Course which includes a 5k and 10k timed ruck.  Okay, that is not easy but I’ll be okay.  Then the Sunday Shooter Course turned into a heck of a beatdown and YHC started rethinking the plans for the week.  Pikachu’s Spidey senses must have been going off, because he reached out to see if YHC was up to Q’ing.  Of course I am.  I signed up for it so I got this.  I’ll figure it out!

1 minute warning



SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

Stay in position – Stretch R-L-C

Merkins x22 on my down

Squats x15 on my down

The Thang

Line up across the lot at the flag facing the playing field.

Lunge Walk (As Penelope said, “Til you get bored?”)…hmmm…we’ll stop at the small palm.

Squat Walk (not sure what this is really called) – Step R, Step L, (should be squared) Squat, then Step L, Step R, Squat.  Turn the corner and to to the red van.

Sideways squat walk facing the playing field.  Step R, Squat, Step L to feet together. Rinse and Repeat.  Get to the fence.

Sideways Squat Walk – Face the Church.  Step L, Squat, Step R to feet together. To the fence at the next turn.

High Knee Walk all the way down the lot to the next turn.

Toy Soldiers all the way down the lot back to turn towards the ShovelFlag.

Lunge Walk to Pikachu’s Monster Truck.

Squat Walk to the ShovelFlag.

Walk to the coupon pile.  Pick up a paver.

Walk your coupons to the second light.

Do these together on my down/up/whatever:

Coupon Thrusters x5

Merkins x20

Coupon Thrusters x10

Merkins x15

Coupon Thrusters x15

Merkins x10

Coupon Thrusters x20

Merkins x5

10 Count

Overhead Coupon Carry to the end of the lot at the baseball fields.

Merkins x15

High Knee Walk Coupon Carry down the lot to the end.

Merkins x15

Overhead Carry High Knees to the end of the lot.

Merkins x15

Squat Walk Coupon Carry to the ShovelFlag

Walk coupons back to the coupon pile.

Get back to the ShovelFlag.

FreddieMercuries x25 IC


Announcements: AO Challenge – Post and Q everywhere every day. Blood Drive – Oct 30 1200-1800 at Carolina Forest Rec Center. Boxcar will bring pizza, you bring your blood and a costume.  If you want to donate prior to that, do it now. You have until very early Sept (I don’t have the date) or you won’t be eligible for Oct 30.  There is another drive that this can count towards called the Sleeves Up campaign.  I will get more info.  F3 Nation’s goal is for 10,000 Units of blood.  The Red Cross has lost 100’s of thousand units that they would normally have this year due to locations being closed and donors being less willing to come out.  Save lives!  Donate.  2.0 Workouts still going.  Bubbles and Bubbles Jr on Q tonight 6PM Waterway Palms.  Disconnect’s send off on Friday, August 28th at Tidal Creek Brewhouse.

Prayers – Keep DK in prayers as he is in ICU fighting COVID.  Spoken and Unspoken.

Moleskin:  This AO has grown and is thriving.  Great work by Pikachu!  These #HIM are out here getting better.  Keep it up.  Keep EH’ing and growing.  YHC had a great time.  A lot of newer faces and some old ones too.  Great to see ScubaSteve back at it.  There was zero running today and no burpees so I hope I did okay.  Hope you all enjoyed the beatdown!  Great work by all!  I’ll be back!


-Headgear Out!!!!




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