GrowRuck- here we come…..carrying a ton of stuff

GrowRuck- here we come…..carrying a ton of stuff

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One Call & Bling


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The Thang:

Waverucker Wednesday.  here we “grow” again!  We have been starting to really rev up Wed workouts the last 3-4 weeks as the mumblechatter for GrowRuck in April is growing and getting closer.  Some guys are excited, some are nervous, some are just too old and sore (remain nameless), and some just plain throw up at the sight and sounds of a Cadre (also remain nameless).

but alas, IF you are going to sign up and suffer with the rest of the F3 Nation in April, you BETTER be prepared and know what to expect and how to train.  So, Waverucker. (that occurs EVERY Wed from 0430-0600) is the perfect training grounds, along with the now ridiculous Elevation Monday workouts.  You have 2 opportunities every week to attend and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  This morning was no different.

OC and I had taken the Q from Valvano- who is too busy saving lives at work than hang out with us idiots. #selfish.  so we plan, talk, yell at each other, and cuddle until we have created the PERFECT WORKOUT!  Poll sent out, please respond if you plan on showing (this allows the Q to know who’s coming, what weights to bring, what rucks to bring, and how to plan the final touches on the Q).  I beg of you to answer the polls on Slack.

At last minute last night with a less than stellar poll with newcomers we changed up the Q (but still have the PERFECT WORKOUT at the ready!).  as most of the guys answering have been at Waverucker many times and kinda know what crap to expect.  But needless to say, it was still tough.

YOP car arrives at Forbus at 0420- and the crew came in after- 46 and cloudy, but the rain held off!  10 total at roll call, we decided on 6 60 pound sandbags- so there wasn’t an easy 1 for 2 people.  we would ruck 1 mile around lake to parking deck, having to switch out bags as needed with PAX, not always staying with 1 partner.  nice work gents, 16:40 for the mile if I remember to the bottom of deck!

partner up for DORA.  5 rounds

1- #1 rucks and sandbag to the 2nd level and back.  #2 AMRAP merkins with ruck (as Weasel takes off running. up the incline- JUST after OC mentions in events how the Team stays together!). #TimeShare……….

2- #1 repeat #1.  #2 AMRAP squats

3- #1 repeat #1.  #2 AMRAP BBSU & LBC’s (OC scolds and/or commends group 1 for not doing exercises while Cadre isn’t looking!)

4- #1 overhead ruck hold up 2 levels and back.  #2 AMRAP 10 cleans/10 overhead press

5- #1 overhead ruck hold up 1 level, mosey to 2nd and back, overhead hold back.  #2 20 bench press with bag and 40 flutters holding bag up AMRAP.

smoked after those 5 rounds and 0535 on the clock- need to mount up and head back!  Took the same route back down Howard and around entire lake this time to Forbus.  1.5 miles with the 6 bags, 10 PAX, and some fun chatter!  We think Spinal Tap left his thong and snow shoes in the parking deck- sheesh!  made it back to cars at 0559 according to our awesome Marine Weasel!   Great work by all, again!

Get used to the weight, the suck, and the camaraderie- great bunch of dudes…..and Lombardi!

Prayed out for Weasel friend, Headgear, Hanchers, Xmas season, etc.  OUT


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