GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

Workout Date:



Flop as Shadow, Valvano and OneCall


Bling (GRT), Penelope, Fergie, Headgear (GRT), Hoser (GRT), Boxcar, Cubbie, Hamburglar, Rousey, Early Bird, Lombardi (GRT), Flash (GRT), Nails (2.0), Kiwi (RESPECT), MySpace, Spork, Bubbles, Brown Bag (RESPECT), Softshell, Methane, Cheesy Biscuit, Papa Smurf (TRIPLE RESPECT), Spinal Tap, Quaker (RESPECT), Sade', Scorpio (2.0), King James (2.0), Quicksand, 50-50 (GRT), Geno (RESPECT)

The Thang:

Conditions – COLD COLD COLD  26 with real feel of 23.  PERFECT MORNING FOR RUCKING!!!

Headgear has worked very hard behind the scenes to get a GrowRuck here in MB.  This is a huge deal and we are very proud of his efforts/bribes.  If he is your financial planner – check your accounts right around the time this was announced.  I think he has insurance.  Anyhow, we have a very solid core group of ruckers here.  We also have a very solid core group of runners, and cyclists….so what would happen when these groups collide?????????  GROWRUCK TRAINING!!!!!

Valvano and YHC (with some pointers from Bling) came up with a plan.  2 hours.  Then a 1 hour ruck friendly beatdown at #Warthog.  3 solid hours of being under ruck/weight that would challenge the veterans, but also teach the new guys.  As we wrote the weinke (book as 50-50 called it when he saw YHC carrying it) we realized that we should also mess with the guys.  Since they came in thinking they would be done with the “training” after only 2 hours, we wanted to make it three.  Just like in an event – you really have no idea how long it will last.  So we got Weedeater on board to Q Warthog with the weinke that had been written for it – good thing too as there were all DR guys!! – and wrote our training plan to be 3 hours.

We put out a roster, a pre-blast/packing list, and a Q & A sheet.  We recruited coupons from the usual suspects – did everyone like Fred?  Thanks Hoser!!!  And that gorgeous Coyote 40 lb sandbag courtesy of Lombardi who literally got it Friday.  YHC – Lombardi – you mind if we use it Saturday?  It may get dirty.  Lombardi – I didn’t buy it for it to sit on the shelf.  BOOM!  Rousey with the Jerry Can; Bling and Boxcar with some bags; Soto stepping up with some weights; the team weight from an event a bunch of us did; Hamburglar with the axe..what? PUT THAT AWAY befoer we get arrested!

Prior to today, there was a ton of chatter in Slack, and a lot of texts received.  All in all, a huge amount of participation, great questions and information shared, and a fantastic time!!!  Continue to ask questions and learn!!!  We all are in, or have been in, the same boat!

We started with explicit instructions on Slack about paying attention to detail.  For the most part, everyone did.  All were in place by 0445 for a 0500 sharp start.  We were missing a few reflective strips, but other than that, all seemed pretty awesome.  The PAX were mingling and a little nervous – which was to be expected, and is good – it helps one focus.  With a few minutes later, we had our veteran rucker Bling line em up alphabetically in ranks of 3×10.  Glad everyone knew their alphabet!!

Valvano and YHC had set up the coupons in a beautifully organized way.

Team Weight
40 lb sandbag x 3
50 lb Firehose
60 lb sandbag x 6
80 lb sandbag x 2
1 man log
2 man log
Jerry Can

“Welcome party”

So, sometimes these are short, sometimes, hours.  But they are a smokefest.  That’s the point.  Get tired.  Get rid of some of the nerves.  Face and conquer the unknown!

Start on field

Everyone was nicely ranked.

DISCLAIMER – Quick F3 versus GR
V and YHC missed this – we were nervous and excited too – Battle Buddy.  ALWAYS have a battle buddy when you have to pee/poop!  DO NOT EVER leave the group alone; even during a break!!

Coupons and rucks never touch ground

Pay attention to how coupons are set up

We checked rucks and0 required packing list.  Hoser gave a great demo of how to neatly pack this.  Also how to neatly place your rucks, handles out.
Some rounds of bag dump just for fun.  Timed.  Failed.  Again.  Rucks OH, etc. Basic punishment/instruction inflicted.

Line up.  Run across field and back and back to formation in 2 minutes.
Some more OH holds, Ruck press for # of PAX, Merkins for # of PAX, and some other things to get the blood flowing and get guys getting the feel for exercises with weight.

Line up – OH Hold walk.  As always, people rush off, straggle, etc.  ALWAYS stay as a team!!!!
Lunge walk
Bear crawl
Army crawl
Duck walk with QUACKS
Crab walk

When we noticed the team not staying together, or guys “modifying” when they didn’t need to, the team was educated.  With OH pressed, squats, etc.

A lot of men had never done some of these, and especially with a ruck.  So good to get that feel!  Back to formation.

TL – Sade’
ATL – 50/50

2 x 2 formation.  Get to planes
(27 minutes)  Time starts when all coupons up and ready
Time ends when all set up at planes properly

This went pretty well.  Everyone really did a great job with swapping weights, and helping others.  TL and ATL had great communication and kept guys motivated.  We had to learn how to use crossing guards.  VERY VERY IMPORTANT in an event.

We did have one bag drop!!!  WHOA.  Didn’t know what happened at the time, but heard the crash.  We used several dozen flutter kicks to reinforce the importance of not dropping coupons.   Later learned someone was trying to give an 80 lb sandbag to a 140 lb PAX.  Hmm.  OK..maybe, but again, let’s be smart about what we are doing to HELP THE TEAM.  Some are bigger and stronger.  Some are faster.  Some have experience.   Everyone brings something!!!  Use those resources to benefit the team!

Planes – got there in plenty of time, but the organization of the coupons was horrendous.  UNTIL Soto and Hoser started remembering.  Great work!!!  Missed the hack and did a little PT here.

One thing we had to do – mostly cause Hamburglar is a ridiculous stud – for  some reason he ran like a bat out of hell toward the planes with a coupon.  Nobody can keep up with that freak.  So when he got back, we wanted everyone to learn – he OH his ruck while everyone else ran the loop around the planes.  Remember – FLAG always goes first!!!

Quick break – hydrate relax.
Fire TL and ATL.
Hire new ones – Bubbles and Hoser

To BEACH with just flag and team weight.  Leave coupons.  How much time?  20 minutes per Hoser.  4 per Bubbles.  HA!!  Crazy runners.  We compromised on 14:30.
The guys kept an awesome pace to get there and meet the hack.  Really strong work, great leading.  Making sure all were keeping together.

DEBATE – FEET WET?  Mean Valvano said yes!!!  It’s just their feet.
Kind and loving YHC – it’s kinda cold – below freezing, we have a bunch of new guys (YHC also thinking – I have my 2.0’s here and if they get sick cause I am the idiot who got them wet, my M will kill me) said no.  We needed a tie-breaker and asked Hoser – who is HARD…even he said no water this time.  Too cold.  So, while this was good, I think, for today, next one, I fear Valvano will get his revenge!!!

We wanted to have some stupid fun at this point cause what we were about to do was one of the worst things V and I have done in an event.  I don’t even know what to call it.  In many events, we do a straight line man on man merkin line, caterpillar merkin, whatever.  We had to do a circle of this in Columbia and it was the worst.  And we kept getting taught lessons for failure with our team.  So we had em split into 3 x 10’s and do this.  It’s more about communication and method than strength.  Really great effort by everyone and we got sandy and there is a great picture of Quaker’s face near someone’s butt.  So that makes it all worth it!!!  I mean, did you see this too:
May be an image of one or more people, people standing, sky and beach

Back to planes/coupon pile
In formation.  AWESOME work on way back too.
TL and ATL fired – great feedback here again.  Guys really stepping up!!

New TL – Papa Smurf
ATL – Brown Bag
There is a man seeking cover in the back of a pick up truck at 810.  We need to get there, get him, and get back to AO (extraction point) in 30 minutes.  Get your team together and roll.
UH-OH…where is that EXTRA LOG come from????
HAHAHAHAHAHAHH.  Sorry.  While y’all were taking off toward the beach, V and YHC went to our little secret hiding spot to set up a lovely 2 man HEAVY log.

This was where it got fun.  Men were tired.  Men were frustrated.  Weight was heavy.  There was more of it.  I will say that overall, this went really well.  A little slower than we thought, but great transitions, nobody shied away from weight, great leadership and communication.  There was some snappiness, but as a team we thrived!  We finally made it to 810 and boom, there was our man.  Fred!!!  O lordy, those that have dealt with Fred before….we knew.  Some of else dealt with Randy for 2 events.  Same idea.  This is just DEAD WEIGHT.  You cadres were kind – drop the logs and 80’s.  Keep the rest.  Get Fred.  Get back.  V had the men sing some amazing versions of our National Anthem down Forbus Court as we finished up!!!!

Coupons set up, ranks for the last time.  Info on TL and ATL, and your Cadres.  Prayed us out!!!!


  • V and I were really impressed.  The men did great.  Our TL’s and ATL’s led well.  Our GRT’s – Bling, Hoser, Lombardi, 50-50, Headgear, Flash – all knew what to do and when to do it.  How to help.  How to lead.  It was great seeing these guys pair up with newbies and help share the burden.  Our newer and brand new guys – did amazing – never shied from weight, helped each other out, great communication.  The 2.0s – which includes MySpace at just 18 – were machines.  Don’t forget King James is only 13!  I could literally type a novel here on each dude.  Suffice it to say that when all 30 (32 with V and YHC) sign up and then more from the great EH’ing that will come, we will CRUSH GROWRUCK!!
  • Sign up for Training Session # 2 – February 27!!!!!
  • And #ElevationMonday and #WaveRucker and #Hulkamania – need to run too!



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