Guest Q – Kilo

Guest Q – Kilo

Workout Date:



Kilo (DR - Louisville)


Karma, Snips, Bubbles, Geno, Headgear, Rhythm(DR - Louisville), Krzyzweski (FNG - DR - Louisville), Kilo (QIC - DR - Louisville)

The Thang:

Post DR, just do it.  Next time you’re out of town in a f3 friendly territory.  Make it a priority.  What I found at #warthog of F3Grandstrand was a group of HIM that made me feel welcome and right at home.  The mumblechatter was top notch, ripping the fart sacks, telling stories of the gloom.  Joking on each other.  I felt like I was right at home and that Is a strange feeling when you’re 650 miles away from your home AO.  Crazy to see that 5 simple rules can produce very similar results across the country.  If you haven’t been able to post DR, just do it!


PAX 2 neon

Karma, Snips, bubbles, headgear, Gino, varsity, Kszyhecki (FNG), Rhythm, KiloQ



15 Abe Vigodas

20 Imperial walkers

25 Hill billies

30 Cooper head squats


Light injured mosey to #MountMyrtle  11’s

big boy sit ups


bear crawl up

crawl bear down


slow injured mosey to playground for 10 rounds of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 merkins

15 squats



slow injured mosey back to flag and more goose poop.  For a little finisher

ab o rama



HL my buddy while on vacation and he wore a Kentucky basketball shirt which was sure to bring out the best name game possible.  Brian is a cop and I suggested fuzz but the grand strand pax said that was too cool.  I let them have it because I can’t count how many times I’ve said that.  They ended up on kszysecki or how ever you spell coach k.  Which I think is pretty good.



thanks again to headgear and the f3grandstrand pax for letting me lead a group of strangers who I became brothers with in 45 minutes.  A great group of HiM here.  Also prayers lifted for Gino’s father battling cancer.

All my love!!




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