Guys Like Us

Guys Like Us

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger & Quaker


Manziel (south); Bubbles; Snips; Shoeless; Fergie; CrossStitch; Spinal Tap; Texas Ranger, QIC

The Thang:

Fergie’s been diligently asking me to come down to the MotherShip and Q for the past few months. There must of been some sort of SNAFU last month because my name did not make the Qsheet, but this month it would be different. Fergie contacted me early & I committed immediately.

It’s been a while since I led the charge here (6/2020) & I was excited to see what kind of pain I could dish out. Unfortunately, however, my ankle’s been tweaked for weeks so I knew I’d need to be incorporate some modifications for today’s BeatDown.

That modification came not in the form of an exercise but in the form of a CoQ . . . Texas Ranger. He is nursing a strained shoulder and needed a little help for his Q yesterday at #BombSquad which I helped CoQ and today he happily returned the favor after being called out on Slack by #CrossStitch. Together we were almost a complete person.

TR & I pulled in simultaneously to the best parking lot in the Region, which is worn down, pox marked, and pot-holed due to all the work the Local Pax have been putting in here for almost 7 years!!

7 years of Merkins, Mary, & Monkey Humpers (wink to #Shoeless) have pulverized pieces of the parking lot into powder while other chunks of the macadam lie haphazardly around the lot waiting to turn an ankle or break a back. It was a perfect setting for Guys Like Us! Read on to find out what went down for Round 2 of The TexasQuake CoQ.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Flawless Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 22 Merkins (Squat modifier); 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC; 15 Seal Claps IC. Texas Ranger & I took turns leading each exercise.

Mosey to the Picnic Tables & flip on the lights!



11’s: Dips & Step Ups . . .This is where the fun begins. The modifier was called out, “If you have a bad upper body injury do only 11’s with Steps Ups (i.e. 1 Step Up (2ct) then 10 Step Ups (2ct)”. “If you have a have a bad lower body injury do only 11’s with Dips. If you have a bad upper body injury and a bad lower body injury do your best or follow #CrossStitch’s lead and lie on the ground pretending to either stretch or writhe in pain. Total Modifier Rep Count = 110 reps of Step Ups or Dips. Note: Regular 11’s would have been easier than the Modifier (see reference to #CrossStitch above).

Mosey to the Bridge and form 2 lines.

A Bridge too Far

Line #1- Lunge Walk to middle of the Bridge (While waiting for your turn to go SSH)

Line#2 – Bearcrawl to the middle of the Bridge (While waiting for your turn to go look around & pretend you didn’t hear the command to do SSHs)

When each Pax reaches the middle of the Bridge, do 20 Squats

Line #1 – Reverse Lunge down the other side of the Bridge

Line #2 – Crawlbear down the other side of the Bridge

Circle of Pain #1

Each Pax took a turn calling out 10 Flutterkicks IC (total Flutterkicks IC = 90) . . . 90 is far to close to 100, so before anyone could put their feet down, YHC called out 10 additional Flutterkicks IC (1% better?)

Mosey across the street and form 2 lines once again.

Broad Jump Burpee Soldiers

Line #1 – 3 broad jumps than 1 Burpee until you pass the 1st Fountain. (Modify with Toy Soldiers & Burpees)

Line #2 – 3 broad jumps than 1 Burpee until you pass the 1st Fountain. (Modify with Toy Soldiers & Burpees)

Mosey to 2nd Fountain.

Elevens Again

11’s: Derkins & Split Leg Squats (modify by doing one of the exercises if you dare)

Mosey back across the road & circle up in front of the Bridge

Circle of Pain #2

Each Pax took a turn calling out 5 Flutterkicks IC (total Flutterkicks IC = 50) . . .although the Pax held positions for the ‘Bonus Round’, TR never called it out. #NiceGuy

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Line #1 – Lunge Walk the entire Bridge

Line #2 – Bearcrawl the entire Bridge

Each pax held plank until all were finished.

Mosey back to the parking lot & circle up.

Mary Around the Horn

(Each Pax called out an exercise of his choice and lead us for a maximum of 15 reps)

Quaker – 15 Flutterkicks IC

Manziel – 11 Mike Tysons IC

Snips – 13 Hello Dollies IC

Bubbles – 15 High Knee Jump Squats

Shoeless – 15 American Hammers

Cross Stitch – 15 Freddy Mercury’s OYO

Spinal Tap – 10 Grumpy Monks IC

Fergie – 15 Hillbilly Squats IC

Texas Ranger – 15 Crunchy Frogs IC

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 9


Announcements: CandyCane is taking the AOQ at #ThePlank this Thursday!! Get there & support him. BombSquad has 2 VQ’s next week (Elmers & Billy Blanks); Freed to Bleed is 46 days away; Fayetteville Spartan Race this Sunday (5.15.2022); 7 year F3GrandStand coming in June.

Prayers: Manziel’s Father; Jedah’s Mother; and Texas Ranger’s Sister-in-Law’s Grandfather(stroke). Prayers unspoken.

NMMS: Great group of guys this morning. We pushed hard & laughed harder. Shoeless was on point today! He heard church bells ringing, used his card counting skills to keep track of all the Pax individual reps during 11’s, & told YHC that I was looking good for 52 years old (He also wanted to critique my form for Monkey Humpers . . .what a nice guy!! #Awkward)

Honor to Lead