Have you seen my football?

Have you seen my football?

Workout Date:



Rocky Top


Rubber, Quaker, Brown Bag, The Intern, Skidmark, Beefsteak, Flyover

The Thang:


Beautiful 59 degrees

1 minute Warning/ Disclaimer

1 SSH  I.C. 25 / Imperial Walkers I.C. 25

Temp Squats I.C 25/ Merkins 22 I.C. /3 MINUTE PERSONAL STRETCH

Mosey to Church Parking Lot

Straight Line- wait for call to continue each exercise

-Shoe touches  back and for

-Tappacola back and forth

-Arm swings back and forth

-Frog jumps back and forth

-Bear Crawl down and reverse bear crawl back plank when finished.

Indian Run past coupon pile and then back to coupon pile with football

The Thang:

ASU Coupon Workout-Chipper-Form over speed

18, 16, 14, 12, 10 reps of 5 exercises then run one short lap around church.

  1. Overhead Squats
  2. Triceps Extension
  3. Bus Drivers
  4. Curls to the FACE
  5. Bear Complex

Run around Church/ Pax Choice when finished Bobby Hurley’s, flutters Burpees or SSH.

Return the Coupons

Indian Run with the football to other side of complex

Tennessee Tacoma Football Goal:    Get the football in the back of my truck.

-1 Punt

-10 completed passes  6 burpees after each completed pass.

*Penalty* 1O Burpees for incomplete pass or extra passes needed to complete goal.


Count and Name-o-Rama/Announcements/ Prayer Requests Prayer

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