High School Sweetheart (27 years ago)

High School Sweetheart (27 years ago)

Workout Date:





Karma, Snips, Disconnect, Bubbles, Headgear, Jingles (Respect), Chad McDowell, Hamburglar, Fergie

The Thang:

The Thang:

Low 60’s and nice

As I firmed up the date with Headgear for my Q, I didn’t realize it was March 12th until last night as I was firming up the plan. This happens to be the month and day the M and YHC began dating in High School in 1993. So a theme, or at least the count (27) was set for the day.

So, 1 minute warning was given, Disclaimer provided and work began.

SSH x 27 IC
Merkins x 27 OYO
IW x 27 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles Forward/reverse x27 IC

Merkins x 27 OYO
TTT x 27 IC

Windmill x27 IC
Merkins x 27 OYO

To the hill!
Blackjack 27? With a twist.
Began (strangely enough) with Carolina Dry Docks x 20 LBC’s x7; Cross Mt. Myrtle; Carolina Dry Docks x 19, LBC’s x8; Etc Etc.
LBC’s on the 6

Mosey over to picnic tables. Choose one of the 12 tables, which have beatdown cards each on them. We will rotate in a clockwise fashion from table to table. Choose and perform one exercise AMRAP for the duration. Continue until all Pax have completed each of the 12 tables 2 times alternating exercises.

Race to the finish!


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests -none noted.
Prayers unspoken

YHC Shared Hebrew 12:1 and how this verse has been speaking to me this week.

– AWESOME group of #HIM!!!

-Honor to Lead #ISI


–Get on the Q sheet – Two saturday’s left – including this one!

–Check class for Headgears #changemakers events on Slack raising money for Student’s in Action.

–April 18th? Possibly Hot Yoga – soon to be on Slack too.

–#Salty gears this Saturday 0515 time to roll!

– Dragon Boat – check Slack and SIGN up!!
– Rugged Maniac in Charleston Saturday, March 21 – SIGN UP!
– Soto wants friends to go with him to Charlotte 1st weekend of April for a GR event and a Spartan race.

–Welcome to Chad – now known as Focker! He’s and ER nurse in town.


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