Hitting the Sweet Spot

Hitting the Sweet Spot

Workout Date:





Rousey, Sunshine, Buffett, Red El Cardo, Goldberg, Padre (FNG) , Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC was initially planning a run heavy Beatdown due to HotTub’s HC Thurday at Regional Track Meet, however, on Friday Rousey started hyping the beatdown on the twittersphere. For those who are unaware Rousey (due to knee issues) is no runner. So what’s a Q to do?? On top of 2 HC at different ends of the spectrum, Sunshine let me know that he would be bringing an FNG! The plot thickens! Oh, yeah shortly after the Beatdown, the Ground Zero Dragonboat races would begin, therefore the Beatdown would need to work the PAX hard but only have negligible effects on our rowing arms. The margin of error to find the perfect Beatdown was minimal; could YHC meet all PAX expectations & find the “Sweet Spot” . . . only time would tell. YHC also had a secondary issues to address as well; apparently some PAX feel that YHC is an angry Q, however,  nothing could be further from the truth! I’m just a happy, lovable, little fuzzball who is honored to lead!

YHC arrived early at the AO,planted the Shovel Flag, set up numerous cones,  and mosey’d to the coupon pile to find some inspiration.  As I rummaged through tractor tires, cinder blocks, and various lengths of telephone poles I found what I was looking for . . . a pallet tied to shoulder harness! As I began pulling out the pallet, a white SUV pulled into Large Parking Lot, this must be Sunshine’s FNG!  I did not want our FNG to leave that AO, so I dropped the pallet (#maybenexttime) and hustled out to meet him! Indeed it was our FNG,  introductions were made and I directed him to the Shovel Flag. Next to arrive was Rousey, followed by Sunshine and Goldberg. Then came Buffett and finally El Red Cardo!

5:50: Meet & Greet with ‘Happy Quaker”

5:59: One Minute Warning

6:00: Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 20 TTT IC; 22 Merkins (2 ct) IC; 20 Tempo Squats IC;  20 Windmills IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey to Large Parking Lot


DORA 1-2-3: 100 Jump Squats ; 200 Flutter Kicks (4ct); 300 Squats . . . as always the PAX paired up – PAX 1 did exercise as PAX 2 ran the width of the Parking Lot down and back, then flip-flop (Rousey b/c  he’s a beast modified the running with bearcrawls!)

Burpee/Lunge Shuffle:  Lunge across 2 parking spaces then 1 Burpee . . . Lunge 2 parking spaces + 1 Burpee . . . continue across entire parking lot. . .  when finished pick up the six then get ready for return shuffle . . .10 count

Burpee/Tin Soldier Shuffle: Tin Soldier for 2 parking spaces then 1 burpeee . . . Tin Soldier for 2 parking Spaces + 1 burpee . . . continue across entire parking lot . . .  recover – 5 count

Pain’t The Lines: run, back pedal, side shuffle, karoke along the parking lines . . . recover – 10 count

Mosey back across Large Parking lot to Sidewalks

Rocky Balboa’s: 10 IC . . . 10 IC double time

Mosey to Football field and locate cement Tables & Benches

7’s: 1 Dip + 6 Derkins . . . 2 Dips + 5 Derkins . . .  finish with 6 Dips + 1 Derkin

Mosey to Shovel Flag Parking Lot

Pallet Pushers:  All PAX lined up across back edge of parking lot. 1 PAX called out an exercise of his choice for other PAX to do AMRAP while he pushed the pallet 1/2 length of the parking lot then moseyed back to the start-line. Next PAX called out exercise then moseyed to Pallet and pushed pallet back to the start-line. We did 2 rounds of Pallet Pushers

Exercises: Flutterkicks; Boxcutters;  Burpees; Freddy Mercury’s; Alternate Shoulder Taps; Floyd Mayweather’s; JumpSquats; BBS; LBC’s; Skiers; Mountain Climbers; SSH

Mary Around the Horn: 15 Flutterkicks (4 ct) IC (Quaker); 15 Boxcutters (4 ct) IC Buffett; 15 SSH (4 ct) IC El Red Cardo; 10 Ultimate Warriors (BBS roll into a Burpee) OYO (Goldberg) ;10 Little Baby Arm Circles (Padre (FNG)); 15 Squats IC (Rousey); 15 Mystery (4 ct) IC (Sunshine)

Time Called as the Bell Tolled

COT: Count-O-Rama . . . Name-O-Rama . . .

Announcements:  Marine Mudrun – sign-up deadline is approaching! Sign-up by yourself or better yet organize a 4 man mud-wrecking crew!! Do It!!



Aye! Quaker




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