Hop, Skip and a Jump

Hop, Skip and a Jump

Workout Date:





Fergie (Respect), Crocs(DR - LakeNorman), Hamburglar, Mayhem(DR-Camden, Respect), Karma (Respect), SilverBullet(Kotter), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:


AO: Warthog

Conditions: 52 degrees, no wind, clear, perfect

Fergie, Crocs and YHC met up for a 0620 pre-run while Hamburglar jumped in to finish off the last .2 miles for our 5k. Police and volunteers were setting up all around for the Coastal 5k which was to start at 0730 so we were meeting at the alternate Warthog parking off of Meyers Ave. As we got back from the pre-run, we saw Karma’s truck but didn’t see Karma. Mayhem, regular DR PAX from Camden, rolled up. As Fergie was about to go look for Karma at the regular Warthog parking lot, he pops out of his truck! SilverBullet, Kotter who since originally posting at TheVillage during Texas Ranger’s Elite Friday beatdowns, has been exploring the world and going to school to be a chiropractor. He is now joined up with a HotShot team in California and it was suggested he get with some F3 guys to get some workouts in! Welcome back!

1 minute warning


Mosey down Meyers to the parking lot at Emmens Ave and Meyers Ave.

SSH x15 IC

TTT x10 IC

Windmills x…no one’s counting so let’s go.

Mosey to the new shuffle board set up at the Reid Base Rec Center on Gabreski St. Look at that…new benches were just randomly set up out here and it looks like a good place for…

StepUps x100 OYO

Mosey down Gabreski, make a right on Pampas to the front of the Culinary School for:

StepUps x50 OYO

Mosey across the Culinary School parking lot past the batting cages and Karma informs us that he is starting to walk. Let’s let him catch up and we can take a break at the picnic pavilion…

StepUps x25 OYO

Mosey between the CrabTree Gym and the fields back to the ShovelFlag. PAX have been asking about the jump ropes YHC was sorting out in the back of the truck so its time to get them out. Everyone gets one!

Cindy x 10 Minutes: EMOM 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 squats —-This was a crowd favorite!

JumpRope x2minutes

CalfRaises x2minutes while we watch some of the 5k runners passing by. Hamburglar thought he saw HandyManny pushing the Ainsley’s Angels Chariot so we ran out cheering on Handy just to find out it wasn’t him.

JumpRope x1minute

CalfRaises x1minute

JumpRope x1minute

RockyBalboas x1minute

JumpRope x1minute

Plank x1minute

JumpRope x1minute



Count-O-Rama – 7



1st F Challenge

F3GS Campout Weekend at MBSP next weekend

2nd F Calendar for the rest of the year is out including a guys night out on Oct 27

TackyTankTop and Costume Halloween Convergence Oct 29

Nov 12 – Chad 1000x at Warbird Park

Nov 12 – F3 Columbia will host MORONS4BEER (Mostly Oblivious Rejects Opting iNto Stupidity 4 Beneficial Event Establishing Regional Success) – F3 Waxhaw and F3 Greenwood have a bone to pick with each other so it will be a day full of CSAUPs and fun!

Dec 3 – F3GS Christmas Party

Prayers & Praises – spoken and unspoken

Coffeteria – The Bagel Factory


It was an awesome morning out. That was a great pre-run and thank you to Crocs and Fergie to HC’ing or YHC would not likely have run today. It was great to have Crocs in town from Lake Norman and Mayhem from Camden! I’ll say it again, F3 makes the world smaller! Karma posted to two Headgear beatdowns in a week! Love it! It’s always great to have our Southern brothers join us at the Mothership! Hamburglar dropping out of the sky to join us for the end of our pre-run just made us push and finish that much stronger. Fergie is getting faster every time we go out! YHC was feeling the pressure this morning knowing that SilverBullet is getting ready for the HotShot crew and our possible FNG gets after it hard everyday on his own. After seeing these hard hitting PAX here, YHC knew we got it covered! SilverBullet crushed it and even threw on his plate carrier for part of the beatdown. He had just enough time to hit coffeteria before heading to his other workout for the morning! While at Coffeteria, YHC was standing in line with a dude with an F3 top that wasn’t dripping in sweat. Turns out it was Mayday who posted at ThePlank yesterday and happens to be Lombardi’s nephew! Great morning men!

Great work all around!

Always an honor! – Headgear out!