Huge Bulging Legs

Huge Bulging Legs

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Law and Order, Grass Patch, Peach, Barney, Goldberg, Big Wheelz, Strap Lock, Saved by the Bell, Recount, Super Dave, Site Work, Run Off, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:


A couple of weeks ago I was getting a lot of flak from the PAX about my goofy shoulder brace that I had been wearing, some even went as far as nick naming me the winter soldier (insert eye roll here). I had also been getting called out for my modifications here and there so I thought the best way to deal with this was to sign up to Q and find a way to eliminate all shoulder work and still make everyone feel an immense amount of pain. The route I chose was to have an entire workout dedicated to nothing but legs, that’s right target each muscle over and over and over again. We got them all Glutes, quads, hammies and calves. Also, I love when I get the opportunity to throw the KBs into a bootcamp workout and make the KB dodgers suffer a little!!

15-SSHs IC
15-Skiers IC
15 Tempo Squats IC

Mosey to City Hall Stairs where the KBs await, Thanks Grass Patch!!

The Thang:
Leg Day Relay
2 Groups, Run up & over stairs, then back of the line for more reps. The KBs stayed in position and the PAX rotated toward the front of the line each time the runner got back. Partner Leg Raises & Side Raises between rds.
Rd 1: Goblet Squats (30, 40, 50 KBs)
Partner Leg Raises 1 minute each partner
Rd 2: Dead Lift (30, 40, 50 KBs)
Partner side leg raises 1 minute each partner
Rd 3: Glute Thrusters (Glute bridge) (30, 40, 50 KBs)

Mosey to circle under the bridge

DORA 1 2 3
Partner 1 back pedal to cone then lunge walk back. (Roughly 35 yards)
Partner 2 exercise. Flap Jack
100-Sumo Squats
200 Side Lunges
300 Predator Squats

Circle up tight. We didn’t have a sand bag but we tried one of Blings specialties, Calf raise ring of fire. Circled up with arms on each other while each PAX took a turn counting to 10 around the circle, a total of 130 calf raises.

10 V-ups IC
15- Low Country Crabs



Buy a burpee, keep it going and get your tickets now.

Saturday bootcamp will be reopening at #TheRepublic this Saturday, June 30th and will be led by Peach. Please make an effort to support Peach as he has been very active in the region!

Peach Also has A KB shirt order that he is collecting money on for a large bulk order. Hit him up on twitter or get with him at a beat down.

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