Hulky Gears – 18 & Life to Go

Hulky Gears – 18 & Life to Go

Workout Date:





Billboard (Salty Gears & Sand Blox AOQ), Skimmer (QIC), Backdraft (Youngling), Brown Bag (Nant’an), Spork (Bombquad AOQ), Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulky Gears

Conditions: Mid 60’s, slight breeze

As YHC approached the Hulk, he passed a fellow PAX pedaling hard down Frontage Road to arrive on time. As YHC pulled into the parking lot Billboard, Skimmer, and Backdraft (fresh off of IR) were unloading their bikes and preparing for the launch of a new AO, Hulky Gears. Hamburglar & Sunshine were also here but came for our traditional Hulkamania run.

As YHC unloaded his vintage RockHopper (circa 1990), Spork arrived and unloaded his “Cadillac Escalade” of bikes, the contrast between past and present could not be more stark. Not to be outdone, Billboard pedaled past us like a lion evaluating his prey! His menacing presence was further enhanced by a surround sound blue tooth audio system, halogen headlamp, and some kind of cloaking device!! This PAX was strictly business. As Skimmer reviewed his planned route for today’s festivities, Brown Bag finished his solo ride down Frontage Road from WWP to complete the biking PAX.

At the one minute warning Hottube (Hulkamania AOQ) arrived to complete the running PAX.  There were no fist bumps or elbow taps per Covid19 protocol as all PAX consciously remained 10 feet approach (#SocialDistancing)

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer was given, headlamps lit, and music begun. . . . “Let’s Ride!!”

The Route: North on Frontage Road 2B; Left on Col. Bob Bell Bike Path; Left at Barc Parc until it intersects at Claire Chapin Epps Drive. At the intersection of Claire Chapin Epps Drive and 62nd Avenue we again turned left. PAX then turned right onto Marina Parkway and followed to road past the Grande Dunes. We took Cliffwood Drive east, crossed Bypass 17 and did a little off roading before entering Pirate Voyage Parking Lot.  We then got back on the road and continued to head east towards the ocean. We then crossed Hwy 17 and continued towards the beach.

The mumble chatter was strong as our legs continued to furiously pump the pedals  as we rode. We rode past the Grande Dune Beach Cabana and out to the beach, took a picture for posterity, then we headed north and biked through the Dunes Club turning around at the guard’s gate. Back through the Dunes Club until we intersected N. Kings Highway. We rode north on the sidewalks parallel to N. Kings Hwy then entered the Kroger Parking lot and made a visit to Coast Pizza. Another picture was taken (#BetterLighting). From there we headed east on Arrowhead road and passed Apache Camp Grounds. We rode north along Kings Rd then west on Chestnut Rd until we intersected Kings Hwy once more. At this point we stayed on the sidewalks and pedaled south. From there the ride becomes a blur. We did, however, ride down the biggest natural vertical drop in MB (#LocalTrivia per Backdraft) and enjoyed our fastest pace of the day. We went through a couple more communities crossed Business 17 again and entered the Dunes Club again.

We then came back towards the Grande Dunes and crossed Business & Bypass 17 again as we picked up Marina Parkway for our return trip.  Turned east on 62nd Avenue, south on Claire Chapin Epps Drive, past the Barc Parc, onto Col. Bob Bell path, up and over the bridge, and back to the Hulk!

Top 10 Things YHC learned throughout this ride was: (1) BackDraft is a true local, (2) Billboard typically rides 30 miles on Saturday and logs over 50 miles per week (#Beast), (3) Spork’s bike has a kickstand (#ManPointReduction – 2 points), (4) Skimmer is awesome Pathfinder, (5) Brown Bag is totally in his element on a bike, (6) Don’t dump your bike in the loose sand on the shoulder of Route 17 at 6 am while trying to cross between traffic, (7) Bike seats are woefully engineered, (8) Money can’t buy you love,  (9) Never let your guard down (Billboard will sneak up on you – #CloakingDevice), and (10) always follow Rule 32 (Safety First)!

6:30 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 6


Announcements: Corvid 19 Protocols will remain in effect and all Region AOs will remain closed. Virtual AO dubbed “The Grid” (#Tron) will post WOD for PAX to continue Sharpening Iron either solo or in limited groups (nothing official). Virtual BOM will occur at High Noon each weekday, check slack for details. Stay connected on Slack & Twitter

Skimmer Prayed for us: Prayers for Brown Bag’s Daughter, Lydia, who lives in L.A., which is currently in lock down due to the Coronavirus.

The Numbers:

Total Miles = 18

Total Time = 1:22:23

Average Speed = 13.2 mi/hr

Max Speed = 46.8 mi/hr

Moleskin: This was a great experience for YHC, thank y’all for letting me tag along! T-claps to Spork for getting today organized. T-claps to Skimmer for leading the way. We got a great biking tour of the GrandStrand and only had to Cross Route 17 four or five times? We got some elevation, some off road, and a view of the beach. Maybe next time, Boxcar will open up his pizzeria for a breakfast pizza pie!! Till next time, “Keep your head in the Clouds and your wheels on the Ground!”






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