I got a Rock at the Village

I got a Rock at the Village

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High Interest


Boxcar, Buffett, ERC, Rubber, Humpback, High Interest (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 75 and HUMID

Halloween again. I try to take a Halloween Q every year as it’s an opportunity for a fun Q and was far enough past the Mini Marathon that I expected to be fully recovered. Unfortunately, the Mini didn’t happen and I had to drop out because of injury. That meant that today was my first day back after three weeks of resting a sore hip/IT band.

I’d been thinking about this Q for a while to come up with somehting creative for the occassion. One year at BombSquad we had the “Merkin Wands” from Penelope and a pumpkin that we carried. Then I introduced the Merkin wands to the Village last year. Boxcar sent me a message yesterday asking about the wands coming back but I had something else planned.


Introducing the PUMPkin barbell! Surprisingly Food Lion and Lowes Foods were no longer carrying pumpkins yesterday but the Walmart Neighborhood Market came through in the clutch. I took my 2.0 Chocolate Milk with me to Lowe’s to find a bar and ended up with two bars, as he had to have one for himself. So now we’ve got a PUMPkin barbell and an Acorn Squash 2.0 barbell.

Loaded the PUMPkin up and headed to get Boxcar and Texas Ranger from the hood for a little Team BLAK reunion minus the B. Boxcar was ready and waiting and then we rolled up to TR’s pitch black dark house and we waited. Then we sent a text. Then we waited some more. Then we were left with only Team AK. Sad. Got to the Village and found Buffett there waiting. At 5:13 Rubber showed up, fresh back from a quick trip to LA. Then Humpback pulled in and finally at 5:17 ERC appeared. Rubber finished up his story about the homeless near Rodeo Drive and we got to work.

SSH x 20IC
5 Burpees OYO
TTT x 15IC
Imperial Walkers x 15IC
4 Burpees OYO22 Merkins OYO
3 Burpees OYO
LBAC Reverse x 15 IC
2 Burpees OYO
Hillbillies x 15IC
Tempo Squat x 10IC
6 Burpees OYO

Mosey around the AO and ended up at the coupon pile.

Trick-or-Treat F3 Style

Each PAX grabbed a cinder block and circled up around the PUMPkin barbell. YHC had 10 exercises written on slips in a Candy Bowl. PAX 1 draws an exercise, all other PAX complete 31 reps of that exercise, PAX 1 does 31 curls with the PUMPkin barbell. Rotate through all PAX.

After each exercise, PAX ran from far parking to far flag pole and back. 4 exercises called for runs with the block and two called for PAX to partner up and farmer’s carry the blocks.

The PAX did the following:

Front Raises x 31
Merkins x 31 – run with the block
Tricep Extension x 31
Swings x 31
Flutter Kicks (2ct) x 31 – run with the block
Overhead Press x 31 – run with the block (ERC mentions that he feels like Charlie Brown now. “I got a block!”)

Bent over rows x 31
Squats x 31
Calf Raises on the block – Farmers Carry (At this point we learned that ERC thought the farmer’s carry was a fireman’s carry as he quickly hoisted Buffett over his shoulder and took off. As the other PAX looked on confused, both ERC and Buffett seemed quite happy with the situation)
Lunges x 31 – Time was called before the final farmer’s carry could be completed.



Count-O-Rama – 6


Prayer requests unspoken



  • CCU Football per Bling – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!  If you have a large portable grill, let Bling know ASAP – ALSO, send OneCall a DM or text or email with YOUR email if you are attending.  We need numbers and per Bling we are setting up an online potlock thing and YHC promised OneCall would also be sending #selfies!
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – details coming Monday!  December 7 at Waterway Palms clubhouse, $25 per couple .  6-10.  Babysitting provided onsite by Boxcar’s soccer team as a fundraiser, more details to come soon.
  • Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot coming up on Thanksgiving morning!
  • Start shopping for the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater! The 2nd Annual GrandStrand/Republic Regional Convergence will be coming up soon! Date and location out soon.


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