I Wanna Know, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I Wanna Know, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Workout Date:





Skid Kong, Poe, Hamburglar, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania Sunday

Conditions: 53 Degrees, rain

S-KONG put out the call for runners the night before. There were 2 HC (Hamburglar & YHC) a SC (Sunshine – due to late night football viewing) and a Silent HC (Poe – who always posts on a Sunday with S-Kong). After the HCs, Skid Kong pointed out that we would probably get wet, but no one seemed to care or respond. YHC got a slight sense that Skid Kong may have been reconsidering his initial request but couldn’t renege after the solid HC’s. F3 is held outside rain or shine. Bottomline, Skid Kong was correct, and it rained through the night but by 6:45 the rain had ceased, it was dry,  &  the next band of rain would not be coming through until 8:00 am.

When YHC arrived at the Hulk, Skid Kong and Poe were already there. Hamburglar came in hot right at the bell. He slid The Shark into the lot and jumped out ready to go! Not a moment was wasted, heck there was barely enough time to stash his keys. . . .Off we ran into the Wild Gloom Yonder!

Because of the rain during the night, the PAX agreed to that we would stay on the pavement & not run the service road.

2 by 2 we headed down Frontage Road, then left onto BBRP. Up and over Mt Zeb, past the Barc Parc & the YMCA, then right onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive. At the intersection of 62nd Avenue N, we ran west to Marina Parkway (MP).

We followed MP north all the way to Grand Dunes Entrance. Here we veered left up & over the bridge then turned around on the other side and ran up & over the bridge once more. This made 2 bridge runs in 4 minutes & it felt great!!

When Hamburglar & YHC came down the bridge for our return home we couldn’t find Skid Kong or Poe anywhere. They most have turned and burned before the bridges. As we continued south on Marina Parkway we thought for sure we would see them, but no dice. Who knows maybe we crossed paths somewhere and they were still running north to find us.

About 1/2 down Marina Parkway, we neared the new community being built, here Hamburglar & YHC turned right towards the waterway, ran through the community for a bit, then entered the run path which parallels the intercoastal. The path is deceiving tough because it is fill with gentle hills that swell along its length and rise & fall just enough for an increased burn!

As we ran towards the overpass, the path inclined sharply and turned to the left until it intersected once more with Marina Parkway.

We crossed Marina Parkway and traversed the YMCA parking lot until it joined the run path past the Barc Parc. After the Barc Parc we turned right once more, picked up our pace, and ran up & over Mt Zeb Bridge. We picked up our speed at the base of the bridge as we took the hairpin turn for the home stretch.

Entering Frontage Road we sprinted to Hulk as it began to drizzle. As we entered the shelter of the Pavilion the rain began to fall right on time!!

Time Called!

The Numbers: 8.09 – Miles; 8:32 – Pace; 1 hr 9 minutes – Total Run Time

Moleskin: YHC greatly enjoys running with these men each week! Everyone continues to accelerate and get better! The 6:45 start time make you feel like you’re getting to sleep in & Everyone really gets pumped for the longer runs!! Some get so excited that they forget where they hid their keys after the run! Finally realizing the keys are right where they left them . . . inside the locked car. . . just ask Hamburglar! 😊 But we leave no man behind. YHC drove Hamburglar home to retrieve his spare keys and then we departed to take on the rest of the day. #ISI

Until Next Week . . .Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground!!




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