I Want To Play A Game

I Want To Play A Game

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Bling, Lombardi, Boxcar, Headgear, Hoser (YHC)

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Weather: 66 degrees

Bling reached out on the channel to see who was on tap for Waverucker Wednesday, aka The Best Beatdown of the Week. Valvano chimed in saying that he would take it and we could do some more training for the Chad WOD coming up on the 11th. YHC realized that it has been a while since I have had the honor to Q and decided that I needed to lead by example and take the Q. Its a good thing I did because Valvano came up with some lame excuse about not being able to make it because he left work at midnight or something to that effect. Onecall was off channing his inner Steve Irwin (RIP) by photographing nature at midnight, either that or he was peeking in his neighbors windows.  The call was sent out to one and all to bring rucks and sandbags. YHC arrived first, followed by the Plantation Lakes clown car. It was great to see that Lombardi’s application to join the clown car was accepted, he is currently in his probationary period, only time will tell if he is accepted by the senior members. Brady Buch showed up, thank you to Valvano for sending him directions to the AO, and everyone was surprised to see him as no one heard him arrive. #Teslalife The pax rucked up, the typical disclaimer was given, and we rucked over to the bridge with our sandbags.

Anyway. Normally I try to mix in some history into my workouts. Share about someone or something significant that happened with in the past week. However I have been so swamped with work that I did not properly plan enough time to do research and come up  with a moderate to good workout. Guess I need to work on my time management. So I decided to play a game this morning with the brave souls that would show up this morning. And what better game to play this time a year then “Deck of Death”. But not just any normal game of Deck of Death. No sir. That might work for your ordinary AO’s. But this is WaveRucker we need something more special. Something that would make us all question the the blankly blank am I do here and what the blank an I doing this for. Enter Sanddeck of Death. Where each card is its own unique beatdown.

We stated off with a lap around the lake, 1.1 miles. We took the 40  pound sandbag and a time hack of 15 minutes was given. The time hack was not met so that allowed us some additional training of 10 burpees.

Boxcar was chosen/volunteered to be the first to pick a card. After the cards where shuffled he pulled the 9 of hearts. This work out consisted of 50 meter bear crawl drag, 10 clean and press, 15 sandbag merkins, and 20 toes to bar, (not having a bar, YHC modified to heels to heaven with an overhead ruck hold). This was supposed to be a 18 minute AMRAP, YHC also modified it to just 1 round so we could get more workouts in.

After everyone finished we did another lap with the 40 pound sandbag. This time the time hack was extended to 18 minutes. The pax finished with 1:45 left.

Brady Bunch was next to draw a card. He pulled the A of clubs. This workout consisted of 3 rounds of 15-12-9 reps of Thrusters, push-up pull unders, and sandbag slams.

After everyone finished we did another lap with the 40 pound sandbag. Time hack remained the same as before 18 minutes. The pax were given the option to purchase an addition minute, by doing some pt. They refused the offer. While they met the time hack but suffered a causality in the process (due to getting to spread out). This allowed us the opportunity for some more additional training. This time we did 30 4 count flutter kicks IC. YHC made sure the last 5 were done at a nice slow place so everyone could enjoy this training opportunity. We then did 15 4 count hello darlings IC. YHC then reminded the pax that achievement means nothing if the whole team doesn’t experience it together. Or something philosophical like that, I cant remember.

We spent the last 5 minutes getting some stretching in which everyone needed, judging by the moaning sounds that everyone was making. We then made our way back to the cars and circled up for BOM


There is a 2nd F lunch somewhere today.

Blood Drive is this Friday

Hancher Fundraiser is going good. We are at 166 coins prepaid for. Keep spreading the word. 200 coins have been ordered, but we can always order more.

Prayer Requests

Brady Bunch and his M have their 12 week OB check up for Baby Brady Bunch.

Headgear’s daughter is at MUSC.

Billboard’s stepmom starts chemo for breast cancer.


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