If your Injured you can still come get some!!

If your Injured you can still come get some!!

Workout Date:





Geno, Jingles (Respect), Pickachoo, Flop, Spork, FNG (Sapphire), Franklin, Sawdust, Single Barrel, Sunshine, Candy cane, Humpback

The Thang:

Believe it or not I did not realize that Ihad to Q Catapult today. found out last night with a tweet. Totally my fault of course.  Not paying attention and I was told and let them know the day I wanted lol. Well boys I have a excuse now!!! I AM 50!!! I am able and aloud to forget goes with the age so you men are just going to have to deal with that!!

Began my morning with walking out my front door to see only Franklins truck siting there and no Frankilin. UUUUMMMMM where is Franklin? Oh here he is coming down my road running of course what a maniac this guy is turning out to be! MR. 26.2 miles is what we need to call him now. I must say that I am very impressed by this dude great job man. I really have to get running…….well maybe not. There is always the bike. Much faster 🙂

Well grabbed up Franklin and off we went to pick up Mr. Respect himself Jingles. Yes we must pick Jingles up. Come on guys. Love this guy. Especially The peanut butter smell he brings while eating his protein bar on the way to the beat down. Good conversations on the way there. Like Jingles working on getting his new job. Very Important. Keep him in your prayers on that please.

Arrived. Too early but at least on time lol. Jingles and I put out cones and I worked out a plan in my head for workout while Franklin “AKA” Mr. 26.2 miles went running again.  GASP what a M….A….N….I….A….C!!!!  Few Guys started to show up and most I do not really know but it was a pleasure and honor to get to know them better and spend time there this morning. I love that we have put this Catapult together I think it was a brilliant and much needed AO. Really good way to work threw injuries and still be a part of the F3 Nation and Brothers.

Weather: 45 to 50

Enough said lets get started.

Started with some Stretches to warm up the muscles Different variations. Oh and then forgot I did not give Disclaimer. Ooooops. Pause Disclaimer Giving. Thank goodness Onecall Fart sacked he would have been highly disappointing in me!!


Imperial Walkers X 25 IC

Tempo Squats X 25 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles X 15 IC

Reverse for 15 then Overhead Claps 15

Mountain Climbers X 25 IC


Mosey to cones which were placed  behind church on back driveway around 75 yards. 4 stops about 15 yards apart with 4 excercises

Squats X 10 lower body.

Lunges X 10 each leg

Backward lunges X 10 each leg

Prisoner Squats X 10

Hold Plank When Done.

Right Hand Up

Left Hand Up

Right Leg Up

Left Leg Up

Recover Mosey all the way around church to the beginning again to do Upper Body

Merkins X 10

Diamond Merkins X 10

Overhead Claps X 10

Wide Arm Merkins X 10

Hold Plank When Done

mosey to cones other side to do abs

4 corners with

15 Big Boys

15 LBC’s

15 Heals to heaven

15 Floyd Mayweathers

Hold Plank In Middle

Repeat all Excercises

Mosey to Flag

Circle up and Finished with American Hammers X25 IC

Hello Dolly’s X 25

Flutter Kicks X 25


Thank You all for having me come in and Q. It as always a honor to lead you fine gentlemen. Great to see you guys out there even though you are in pain with injuries, Really impressive brothers!

So glad we can get after it even when we are feeling little down with injuries.

Thanks to Geno for taking us out with Prayer. Your The Man!

until next time.






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