Independence Day Funfest!

Independence Day Funfest!

Workout Date:





Two Ferns(Lake Wylie), Snips, Hog (Columbia), Dreamliner (Hampton Roads), BigMac (Rock Region), PacMan (Rock Region), Karma, Franklin, Bubbles, Flash, Lookout (Raleigh), Benchwarmer (Hartsville), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions:  HOT and HUMID…didn’t check but there are Heat Advisories issued today.

YHC picked this date to Q a few weeks ago before anyone was on the July Q sheet.  Thought it would be great to celebrate America, Freedom and get better together.  After Memorial Day, YHC heard about a guy in PA that did double digit Murphs in one day to set the record.  Curious, YHC had to know that that guy was doing for July 4th.  Found out he was doing a burpee mile.  After much Google and You Tube research and experiments at the #Warthog lab, the Q, found that following this idea would likely end up in mutiny…and would not even be close to complete in 45 minutes.  Another round of Google searches revealed that there are already a bunch of July 4, 1776 workouts.   The math was already done, 1.01 miles is 1776 yards…great!  Now a little cut and paste and the beatdown is complete with room for modification.

Got to the AO early, at about 0510.  Karma was already on his morning stroll and PAX were rolling in.  The MBPD vehicle in the lot quickly left as we rolled in.  Maybe still a little sore about the whole Dragon Boat loss???

1 Minute Warning


Warmup (shortened to provide time for a proper July 4th celebration):

SSHs x20 IC

IWs x20 IC

Merkins x10 OYO

Mosey to the bridge to begin the beatdown:

Merkins x22

Bear Crawl to top, lunge to bottom

Indian Run around the lake for 1776 yards (1.01 mile)

Mosey to flags at Valor Park


7 sets of

4 Burpees

17 Merkins

76 Flutter Kicks (R1), LBCs (R2), Flutter Kicks (R3), LBCs(R4), American Hammers (R5), Mountain Climbers (R6), American Hammers (R7)

Mosey back over the bridge to the playground

2 sets of

7 Pull-ups and 22 Merkins

High Plank/Low Plank/High Plank/Raise Right Arm/Raise Left Arm/ Raise Right Leg/ Raise Left Leg/ High Plank

Mosey to the Flag


13 on Q

Name -O-Rama


Geno’s Dad

For a Safe Holiday for all PAX

For a safe Holiday for all First Responders

Prayers for those deployed away from their families

Prayers for those who have given their lives or been injured in the cause of freedom

Coffeteria at Roasted Bean

Moleskin: Every beatdown, YHC compiles has at least some thought to it.  Some much more than others.  Today’s purpose was to celebrate freedom, get fit (fitter), push each other and challenge some comfort zones.   We don’t run much at #Warthog and in some AOs, our 1 mile Indian Run would be laughed at.  When the distance was announced, Karma was visibly concerned.  He struggled a bit through the Indian Run and the Q went back to pick him up.  He finished at a nice solid pace.  Apparently, this is his first time running a full mile…possibly first time or at least in a very long time.  Now he can go home and say he did a mile. T-Claps for pushing through!  My thought is it was all mental…when you lose 60 lbs, everything else should be easy…right?  When it comes down to it, we build each other up and the rest of the PAX was there to encourage each other.

YHC did have some concern about the 7 sets as well.  Not only from a time perspective but out of concern that he pushed a little far.  As the PAX rounded out 5 sets, 7 was around the corner and YHC did not want to fall short of this one.  Everyone finished strong.

DR PAX were in today from several different AOs!  That is one of the things that makes the F3 Brotherhood great!  Always love meeting fellow PAX from around the country!  Dreamliner, Two Ferns, Benchwarmer and Lookout have all posted several times this week, some to different workouts…and Lookout was an FNG just earlier this week and has posted his 3rd beatdown already! Hog, PacMan and BigMac were great to have post with us as well.  And our #Warthog regulars: Snips, Bubbles, Flash, Franklin and Karma always bring it and help everyone get better!  Thank you all!  It is always an honor!

God Bless America!


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