Intervals and Qsource Preparedness Training

Intervals and Qsource Preparedness Training

Workout Date:



Vit D


High Interest, Rousey, Podcast, Skimmer, Rubber, Rocky Top, Beefsteak, Skidmark, The Intern

The Thang:

Conditions: 30s and clear

YHC has been reading the book, “The One Minute Workout” which is based on the HIIT model.  Last Q we did 1 minute On with one minute Off.  This time we went with shorter intervals.  The idea, which is supported by science, is that short intense intervals with rest periods produce equivalent or better results than long sustained boring cardio.  Most F3 workouts seem to be pretty HIIT friendly with Dora and other partner work.


The Thang:


22 Merkins
Tempo squats
Shoulder series

Interval 1: 30s of Burpees

Mozy to the parking lot for Merkin mania to chip away at our 5,000 Merkins for the month.

25 merkins at each corner.  Start with regular, Mozy to corner 2 plank on the 6.
25 Wide Merkins
25 Rangers then finish off with the crowd favorite
25 Diamonds!

110+ Merkins complete.  But plenty of time left for bonus ones!

Next Partner work and Preparedness training!  Promo for Qsource this coming Thursday.

You never know when you may need to carry your 2.0 or a brother away from danger.  So Pax did paired with someone close to their bodyweight (hopefully!)

Piggyback carry across the parking lot. Switch!
Fireman’s carry

YHC then asked for partner suggestions no ideas were given sooooo

Frogger and Monkey hops were called.  (The idea behind these is to work on body position strength and mobility.  They also help with handstand strength)

bonus Fireman’s carry! (The Intern is deceptively heavier than he looks)


Interval time!

30 s On / 30s Off for 2 rounds of the following

Mountain Climbers
Big Boys
Each Pax Rotated thru KB, then we did a round with the exercise you missed.

10 minutes of Mary with assorted exercises called by each PAX.

Rubber came up with reverse flutter kicks that allowed an opportunity for pocket pool.

Finish with some hamstring mobility
Static toe touch
Achilles Stretch
Forward fold
Pike Pulses to lock in gains!




Dragon boat signups and channel
Qsource- Thursday 445 am.  We will look at Preparedness with High Interest on Q
February Fitness Challenge- 110 Merkins per day this week.

Per Beefsteak: Remember to stretch Pecs so you don’t look like a Gorilla. Put arms against a door frame or use an exercise band to pull apart shoulders and squeeze shoulder blades together.


Prayer Requests

Beefsteak’s family on Baby Watch
Kitten returning from Israel
My M’s family with her dad doing chemo


Congrats to Rousey, High Interest and Podcast for completing Kangeiko! 1 month w/o caffeine, chocolate or alcohol.  Beasts also completed the workout after a pre-ruck in the Supergloom!


Honor to Q.



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