Intro to Early Bird

Intro to Early Bird

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Early Bird, Rousey, OneCall (QIC)

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77. Humid

Yesterday, EB had a FNG (CarMax).  The FNG was asking EB about KB’s.  EB asked YHC to confirm earlier start time.  YHC confirmed and said I assume you too will post since he’s your guy.  EB was a solid (maybe).  YES!  He showed.  But CarMax did not.

Since it was EB’s 1st time, YHC wanted to introduce him to all things KB – so we did round and round and round with various exercises, various reps, various weights.  Minimum of 6-8 reps per weight.  Minimum of 6 rounds at each exercise.  Here are the exercises we did:

1. Swings (actually used all 13 bells here with 10 at each bell)
2. Clean
3. Snatch
4. Goblet Squats
5. Overhead hold Lunges
6. Merkin on bell with bell pull through
7. Shoulder Press – inverted and regular
8. Arms – alternate at each bell – bi and tri exercise
AMRAP LBC’s when need a breather/break in between sets


Count-O-Rama – 3
Prayers for Ella, September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Per EB, only 4% of cancer funding is used on childhood cancer research – let’s pray for that to change!
Prayers for Rousey and co-worker situation
Prayer requests unspoken

– Excellent work today.  EB did great learning all the new stuff.  Rousey, as always (well except that 1x he DROPPED the weight in my car today instead of delicately placing it), was a beast!!
– #T-Claps to our little brother AO – #SouthernBells.  Bluegrass has bought them a 103 and a 150# KB.  STRONG (they apparently needed Billboard there to lift it).  YHC hopes that the other men of #Beachbells will chip in and at least match them if not go bigger – see Wolverine as AOQ to make that happen!  As YHC owns 670 lbs of bells, I am M-banned from buying more.
Here you go:


– Come out to #Warthog for 9/11 workout humbly led by YHC


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