Iron Pax Challenge Zero Week

Iron Pax Challenge Zero Week

Workout Date:





Flash, headgear, fergi, Huey, Steuie, grease monkey, hamburgler (a CF Pax), Weedeater, snips, Bubbles, Brady bunch, Wolverine, Gino

The Thang:

Hot, 100% humidity.
Warthog Iron Pax zero week.

Well this was supposed to be my last week on to you and last week as AOQ but, things change and so has I???? Ha! Prequalified for SWO in the AirForce decide to take my career into my own hands and do something challenging and fun. So, EOD it is…. for all of you that don’t know, it’s bombsquad… ever seen hurt locker? Kinda like that, but I’m not a psycho… or am I? Any who,


Weed eater and flash conspired against me Do you really want to do the iron packs challenge so weedeater ,DMS me said hey since you’re not leaving on Thursday let’s do ironPAX  zero week.
hey why not!
my goal for the next mouth is to try and get even better. I joined F3 a year ago in August and when September came around I Vividly  remember September’s ironPAX challenge for last year.
( Manmakers) ugh!

my goal was to come in under 30 mins.
I was really worried about the Bonnie Blair’s.
I showed up like I normally do, 0430, and worked on my Interval sprint training still trying to keep my self in shape for that constant 7 min mile. Ran my warm up and a few intervals, headed. Say in  the car to grab water when weedeater showed up. He was going to check and make sure the water was off the track before we got going.
not much water I advised, so he took a few last. Shortly after more and more PAX arrived.
headgear, weedeater and myself, figured out a game plan, COP and giving everyone enough time.

So , the thang.

not proper disclaimer given.
some yelling and trying to contain these animals.
SSH 20

TTT 20

I.W 20



OHC 20


squated 20

mosey over to track

proper form and run down of challenge.

for time


50 squats


30 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blair’s

10 burpees

1 lap 400 meters


fergie was pushed to the brink finished under 39 mins great push, bubbles finished first with sub 24 can’t remember if it was 20? Or 22:50 not sure….

Announcements were given

and took out.
honor to facilitate this and watch the progress of all that have gotten better.

Disconcet out.

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