Is that Jupiter, or Uranus?

Is that Jupiter, or Uranus?

Workout Date:





Beaker, Viagra (respect), Cubbie, Weasel, Hefty, Quicksand (for a minute), Bling

The Thang:

As I fill out my Q’s for the month, I always look forward to the trek North- all the way to NMB and TimeShare!  The boys up there are awesome, go up there and Q if you haven’t- that beach is fantastic pre-dawn.  So… I prepare mentally (insert joke here…), I want to use the land TimeShare gives us.  Using some of the ideas I used at BS yesterday, I drove up with a solid plan to letdown some more pain!

Weather- 53 and totally clear.  Pulled in to an empty lot at 0510, thinking it would be another small group (last time I Q’d it was me and Ka-Pow!).  Beaker pulled in, then backed into his spot (as if there isn’t 75 open spots!!), Viagra, then Cubbie, then we saw hefty lit up like a Xmas tree running down the street!  “Watch that car dude!!”.  then Weasel (pulled into the wrong lot).  We got 6, and it was 0515- time to roll.  Disclaimer given, 5 seconds for questions/concerns……….off we went.

mosey down to the beachfront, circle up

20 SSH IC. (this was where I noticed the planet in the sky with the moon.  I thought it was Saturn, Weasel thought Uranus………). solid laugh

20 Tempo squats, IC

20 IW IC

30 crunches OYO

mosey to the parking deck, bottom floor- circle up.


20 flutters IC

20 Hello Dolly IC

40 crunches OYO

Mosey to beach, circle up.

20 Arm circles forward IC

20 Overhead claps IC

20 Arm circles back IC

50 crunches OYO

Time for DORA on the beach (does it get any better than that?!  low tide, clear sky, planets, sea breeeze (I felt like I was in a feminine hygiene commercial)

partner up!

100 merkins, 200 CDD, 300 squats.  other partner 100 yard mosey.  This was tough, shoulders smoked, PAX groaning.  Great push!

walk/rest up the beach to the deck/bench as time was short.  20 dips and 20 step ups- walk rest to the street to get back.

Karaoke for 25 yards, switch sides for 25 yards, jailbreak the last 75 yards (longer than I thought!!) to the light- circle up.  20 Tempo squats IC.  repeat Karaoke and jailbreak back to the AO.  This was the point that a white truck was in the lot…..and Quicksand got out as we ran in heavy chests….  he said he was 10 minutes late and couldn’t find us (not sure detective school is in his future).  Bummer- he joined us for 20 Tempo squats, then 22 Merkins (#22kills) to end our time….TIME

Great push by all- we ran a lot and did a bunch of leg work!

Announcements- 2nd F (CCU Game) in the works, watch Slack for details.  Fill up the Timeshare Q sheet men!

Prayed out….DONE


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