It’s Not About You

It’s Not About You

Workout Date:





Rousey, KingJames(2.0), Smokey (DR-Summerville), Karma, Valvano, OneCall, Lombardi, Bubbles, SpinalTap, Sleepy(R), Franklin, Billboard(R), Flash, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 80 degrees, 90% Humidity

3rd Q this week, 7th for the month, 6 AOs.  Started on the 1st at #Warthog and ending the month at #Warthog…The Mother Ship.    Was supposed to finish the month at #BombSquad for #BigMonday but kinda got bumped with the #IronPAXChallenge. Thought I might take it easy on this one… then got a text from Rousey letting me know that KingJames wanted to come out to Warthog.  This 2.0 is getting ready to crush it on the football field so I better challenge him…but still trying to figure out what to do.    Fast forward to 0640 and Rousey sees me in my truck still working on the #weinke for today.  When you are working on greatness, sometimes you just have to let it come to you…and finally it did.  Time to get out of the truck.  Valvano and OneCall just finished up their pre-ruck, Bubbles is out there somewhere, Fergie already told me he was golfing instead of showing up to my Q today…????.   Other PAX are rolling in.

1 Minute Warning



SSH x25 IC

HighKnees x15 IC

IW x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

Lunges x10 each leg

Squats x15

The Thang

Indian Run around the small pond near the baseball fields and back to the track to the bridge.

BearCrawl to the top of the bridge and reverse mosey down the the other side.

10 burpees

Mosey past the FIA Olympics to the corner of Deville St and Nevers St behind Dolce Vita.  Use this block with KingStreet Grill and Dolce Vita for 4 corners:

25 Merkins

25 2ct Lunges

25 BBSUs

25 JumpSquats

Head across the street behind GordonBiersch for 4 corners around the big block:

25 WideArmMerkins

25 2ct Lunges

25 BBSUs

25 JumpSquats (Change last “corner” to spot in front of SouthernLiving and cut back across to Deville St)

Recovery Walk to the space in front of Grand14Theatres.

Find a place on the short wall or bench for 100 single count step ups then 25 2 ct lunges.

Recovery walk to Deville St parking garage.

BearCrawl up the garage and find a spot on the wall for wall sits on the 6.

Combine It’s Not About You and You Against You:

AMRAPS and Holds.  Timer is the PAX running around the top of the Deville St Parking Deck.  Run around as fast as you can so your fellow PAX are not suffering too long and push yourself during the holds and AMRAPS with good form since you will be the only one that will know if you pushed yourself when you leave here today:






Repeat this sequence for all 14 PAX.

It’s all downhill from here so recovery walk down the parking deck to Deville St, then Mosey to the bridge.

PAX Choice:

SpinalTap – Quakers (I think) – can’t even describe this but we did 15 of them

Smokey – Kinda 4 count LBCs for 15

Bubbles – 10 Burpees OYO

Lombardi – ShoulderTaps x15 IC

Head Back to the Imaginary Shovel Flag



Announcements – FreedToBleed, IronPAX, Last 2.o Workout

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken


Really wasn’t planning on hosting a smoke fest today so I’ll blame it on the humidity.   Had a great time leading the PAX today.  Hope everyone got their money’s worth!  Discussions of #merlot but everyone made it through just fine!  We all got better.  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!


Headgear out!!!

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