Judeechop – S3 – #3

Judeechop – S3 – #3

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Vitamin D

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Conditions: 70s — the SC humidity had backed off a little from during the week — going from ridiculous to just thick.

Today, the plan was to do 1/2 half of a normal #Judeechop (#JC) workout and then go meet up with the regular bootcampers to play ultimate Frisbee F3 style.  ERC was on Q with that group.  He and YHC thought it would be a nice change up, and it was a great Saturday morning weather-wise.

YHC/QIC also tweeted out to the Pax that we’d do a quick 20 min. HIIT (aka #Pre-chop) from 5:30 – 5:50 to get in some EC.  Vitamin D HC for both #PC and #JC.

Quick disclaimer with extra emphasis on safety given, background with context of Hapkido (HKD – joint locking) and Pressure Point (PP) striking (used to assist in executing the locks) explained and we then practiced the following:

  1. Basic/high percentage PP strikes.  BPO, common peroneal nerve, and radial nerve.
  2. Basic/high percentage Hapkido locks.  Arm bar, wrist lock, center lock and hammer lock.

The HKD joint locks w/ PP striking are a great combo in self defense.  Both are painful and are a life time of study.

30 mins. blew by quickly.  QIC and Vit-D then caught up with the rest of the Pax who were finishing up ERC’s man on the moon themed mini-beatdown.  Then we made our way to CFCC football field to play ultimate Frisbee (1 burpee for every incompletion).  My team won; ERC ripped a sure interception out of Vit-D’s grip for the game winning TD!

NMMS: Nice to work one-on-one with Vit-D; he picked up the techniques quickly!  If you get a chance, google a Hapkido flow drill video…impressive!

Honor to Q!



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