Just Get Up and Go 1 More

Just Get Up and Go 1 More

Workout Date:



Group Led


Hot Tub (AOQ), Sunshine, Hamburglar, ERC, Texas Ranger (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 78 and 100% Humidity

Hulkamania… the fastest 45 min of the week as some like to call it. For YHC its called… riding the struggle bus.

I hate running. I really do. I’m not particularly good at it, I have asthma, not really built for running, etc. But you can’t deny the effects that it can have on your overall fitness if you do it consistently.

I haven’t been out to the Friday Run Group since before Covid-19 hit, but with Elite Fridays officially over, I now have no more excuses to miss chasing after the likes of Hamburglar, Sunshine, Hot Tub, Quaker, ERC…. the list goes on and on. I woke up this morning with that sense of dread of the task that I knew was ahead of me. The excuses and the doubt creeped in as I debated whether or not I should get out of bed. Do I really want to get up and suffer through 4+ miles of running? But if you’re reading this, you know how it goes… you think of all of the excuses to fartsack and the temptations of staying in a nice warm bed, but then you start thinking of the men that you KNOW will be out there rain or shine. That feeling of accountability comes over you and forces you to get up and get dressed, as much as you may not want to.

So I did. I got up and got dressed, laced up my shoes and headed over to the Hulk. Of course I glanced down at my watch and its already 5:12 and the beatdown starts promptly at 0515! Luckily the hulk is only 3 min away. I pull in right on time to see Hamburglar, Hot Tub, and Sunshine talking with a couple of the Hulky Gears crew (Backdraft and Franklin) who were getting ready for their 17 mile ride. The guys were nice enough to let me stretch for a min before we took off. No disclaimer was given as we were all familiar with the risks.

The Thang: Just Run

We head out down the frontage road towards Col. Robert Bell path to take us to the bridge over the waterway. Hamburglar and Sunshine quickly set the pace for our group of 4. Hot Tub was kind enough to stick with me during the run. We head out over the bridge and hang a left by the Barc Parc to take us by the YMCA (1 mile in – not too bad). We continue on down Claire Chapin Dr to 62nd and head down towards Hwy 17. We cross the road and make a quick left down the frontage road to 65th to take us by the Village crew. We do a quick loop around the parking lot as O’Douls was leading the strong group of 5 in some morning COP. Hang a left out of the parking lot to get back onto 65th and start heading towards the beach. It was probably at this point that I started getting a little tired as Hamburglar and Sunshine were pulling further and further away, but Hot Tub was right there to keep me company with some great conversation.

I’ve done it so many times now that I know that it’s 0.9 miles to the 65th ave. beach parking lot from the Village. So we get there and decide to go a little further to make sure to get that extra 0.1 in and to see the water. I glance down at my watch and see that we’ve gone 2.7 miles total so far. Took a quick breather (mainly for me) before we decided to head back.

Sunshine and Hamburglar were already out of sight at this point as they had already reached the beach and turned around before we had gotten to Ocean Blvd., but thats the great thing about Hulkamania. All paces are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re running 6 or 7 min miles like those guys or pushing 10 or 11 min miles like I was today. All that matters is that you don’t give up and try to push yourself to go one more. With the heat and humidity and the fact that I’ve been slacking on my running as of late, I knew that my time wasn’t going to be great today, but today wasn’t about time. It was about getting back out there and pushing yourself even though you don’t want to and as much as you know it will suck.

So if you love running or if you hate it, I challenge you to come out on Fridays and give it a try. If you love to run, come out and push those guys to get better (or push yourself). If you hate it, come out and run with me and we can commiserate about how much we hate running!

As we made it back over the bridge and to the Hulk, we found Sunshine and Hamburglar there waiting on us. We were all drenched. There may not have been rain this morning, but you would’ve thought that we had just run through a downpour or a carwash at the least. All in all we had run 5.25 miles (give or take a few tenths of a mile). As much as I didn’t want to get up and run, I always find myself feeling better after its over.

Not soon after we had reached the parking lot, ERC caught up to us. He had been a tad later than I was at the start and was chasing us and couldn’t find us until the very end, but he made sure to get his miles in.


Count-O-Rama: 5


BOM by Hot Tub

Doesn’t matter if you love running or hate it, push yourself to go one more. One more minute, one more mile, one more sec… whatever your goal is just go one more!

– Texas Ranger



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