Just Not Enough Time

Just Not Enough Time

Workout Date:





Weedeater, Flash, Head Gear, Lombardi, Skimmer, Hamburgler, One Call, Stewy, Scuba Steve, Snips, Franklin, Karma, Bubbles

The Thang:

Conditions: Fabulous and yes it is about time!

I really put some thought into this Q. I wanted it to be more of the partner up type of workout. I like that because it gives newer guys a chance to learn the exercises and actually make it threw the workout feeling like they are a part of the group. Don’t forget we all were a fng at one time and it is intimidating and can be embarrassing if you are an individual that is just starting out.¬† Pick Up The Six!

Any how, I arrived at my warthog destination with the thought of placing some cones out along the field long ways so I got there early enough to do so. I started to place them out and I realized that the pax would be little upset with me if I made them do this Q is the slush mess in the field so I went back and pick them all up and ran over to Forbus Court placing them along the side of the road for 6 workout stations. Approx 120 yards I believe give or take spread out evenly the best I could. PAX started to arrive with Onecall showing for a conversation with me on the curb waiting on other PAX. Always a pleasure to chat with Onecall for sure!! Oh I had to mention as I was placing the cones along Forbus Court Hamburglar almost took me out with a speedy wave with his vehicle which I think he was plotting on taking the Billboard out!

TIme To get to work!

One minute warning giving (not sure flash liked my settings on my watch as he made me aware that my watch was 2 minutes fast)!

Disclaimer DONE

The Thang:

Stretches – Multiple Stretches always a pleasure watching bubbles do that!! Very amusing for sure!!

20 IW IC

20 WM IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 Floyd Mayweathers IC

Ok DONE Let Move

Mosey to Forbus Court for some fun!

Partner up!

My plans were 10 rounds starting at one side of forbus court and running along to the other side with six exercises in between.

First round stay with your partner

25 squats

25 (2) count lunges

25 calf raises

25 prisoner squats

25 sec Al gores

return doing the same

fall into plank and (Patty Cake Your partner waiting on six.

Second Round

20 Merkins

15 Diamond Merkins

15 Wide Arm Merkins

15 Hand Release Merkins

15 Derkins

5 Clap Merkins or Superman Merkins is what I like to call them lol

return doing the same

fall into plank and yes patty  Cake again!

Third Round

25 Overhead Presses

25 Overhead Claps

25 Little Baby Arm Circles

25 Big Baby Arm Cirles

25 Cherry Pickers

30 Sec Plank

return doing the same

plank Patty cake!

Forth Round

25 Big Boys

25 American Hammers

25 LBC’s

25 Flutter KIcks

25 Box Cutters

25 Heals To Heaven

Dang It out of time! Had one more round but we just didn’t make it. Oh well maybe next time!

Count off name aroma prayers! Thank You Onecall for taking us out!

Keeping Geno and his family in our prayers! My God be with his Dad!

Again Thank you all for allowing me to lead you all in my Q! Always a pleasure to see you guys!!




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