Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Workout Date:





Jeter, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Elevation Monday @ The Hulk

Conditions – COLD.  Clear.

On Friday, new EM AOQ, Boxcar, sent a text asking if he was on Q at EM.  Hmmm.  Maybe he doesn’t have access to the Q sheet.  Checking the Q Sheet and it’s blank for Monday.  Boxcar wouldn’t be able to make it so YHC stepped up to fill the spot.  A bunch of PAX traveling for Thanksgiving weekend and recent ruck workouts have been VERY light in attendance so YHC put out a post on Slack looking for HCs.  Fergie let us know he couldn’t make it. Hoser sent an HC and Jeter an SC…WTH is that…After some private communication and clarification Jeter realized that he needs to make some commitments in his life so he HC’d!   Great!  At least 3 is good!  Went to work on a proper beatdown and ready to go.   Rolled up to the AO about 5 minutes early and checked Slack only to see that Hoser’s battery was dead and he wasn’t going to make it.  Jeter rolled up and the thought of driving away passed through YHC’s head but…well…let’s roll!

No Warning


Do we really want to go…

Leave rucks and grab sandbags.  Head to and over the bridge dropping the bags at the top of the bridge.

Sprint downhill to the bottom.

25 Merkins.

Sprint to the bags.

Grab the bags and head to the bottom.

25 Squats.

Leave bags and sprint just past the 350 to where the pavement changes to concrete.

Sprint back down to the bags.

Grab Bags and go back up to the 350.

Leave the bags and sprint back down to the bottom.

Sprint back up to the bags.

Grab the bags and head back to The Hulk.


Glad Jeter showed up for the beatdown, otherwise, YHC would have grabbed some coffee and headed back home.   That’s the thing about the gloom.  You can do it alone but it’s better with your brothers, even if it’s just one brother named Jeter.   Great work.  We were smoked.  We need more sprint and speed work.  Handy gave me the tip about running fast downhill to work on your speed.  Not sure if it made us faster but we sure got better!   Always an honor!


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