Workout Date:





Quaker (R), BrownBag(R), Beefsteak, Spork, TexasRanger, Skidmark, Pikachu, TheColonel(FNG), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Clear and Cool.  52 degrees.

A week prior, YHC checked out the Q sheet to see that TimeShare, Warthog and BombSquad all had open Q sheets for Saturday.  How can this be?  Saturday is the ultimate day to Q.  You get a whole hour vs a measly 45 minutes!  Anyway, also had our FNG reach out to me about getting together and well, my current schedule allows for early mornings post beatdown and the earlier the better so BombSquad it was!  And when Q’ing at BombSquad it sure is hard to pass up that coupon pile.

1 minute warning


SSH x25 IC

Mosey 1 Lap around the AO

IW x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

WM x15 IC

Stretch R-L-M

Merkins x22 OYO

Stay in Plank Position and stretch back with hips to the ground.



OHP x15 IC

CP x15 IC

Indian Run around the AO x2 Laps finishing at the coupon pile. Pick up 1 Cinder Block…or paver for our Respect brethren nursing injuries.

Partner up for a modified Dora between the light poles in the lot behind the church.

100 Derkins using Block / Partner Farmer Carry switching sides on the way back

200 Curls / Partner Run w/o block

300 Vertical Chest Press (laying on back) / Partner Rifle Carry down and back

200 Tricep Extensions / Partner Run w/o block

100 Upright Rows / Partner Farmer’s Carry

Run a short lap if completed early.

Mosey a full lap around the AO back to the Shovel Flag.

Move to the shipping container for the “Couch Stretch”: Knee on the wall. Support Leg Comes Up. Add tension and move towards hip extension.  2 variations each side for about 1 minute each.

Back to the shovel flag for planks and warrior poses for the last 5 minutes.

Time Called.

FNG – Dylan – lives in Greensboro. Socastee Grad – Clemson Grad w/ Finance Degree.  Wrestled at Socastee and Club at Clemson.  Interned for YHC at Merrill Lynch.  Was really open with the PAX about embarrassing story but what happens in COT stays in COT so it won’t be in print.  –  The Colonel.   YHC will acknowledge that we were far to easy on him…


Fostering Hope Bike Drive.  In need of donors, specifically for 24/26 inch girls bikes.  Our Nant’an will be happen to put these together.  Vitamin D will have more details for delivery dates and Gofundme page for cash donations.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence – Dec 19 0700 at BombSquad

FreedToBleed Dec 30 1100-1700 at the Carolina Forest Rec Center – It will be labeled iHeart Radio on the schedule.

F3 Ten Year Jan 15-17 Cape Fear

GrowRuck April 30-May 2nd – Sign Up!

GORUCK Tactical – Firearms classes coming to Myrtle Beach: Active Shooter Intervention -Feb 5 – Counter Terror Rifle – Feb 6.  Both beginner level classes.  Events will be on sale week of Nov 30.

2nd F Lunches – Watch for the schedule and show up!

Praise – Disconnect graduated Basic Military Training and will start Explosives Ordnance Disposal Training next Friday at Shepherd AFB.

Prayers – Spoken and Unspoken.

Great workout!  Great push by all PAX.  Being late writing this Backblast, YHC can still say that this beatdown and the Coffeteria that followed energized me and also left me feeling pretty sore for a few days.  Thank you to all that showed up and put in work!  it was great to have FNG, now known as TheColonel out for this.  He was in better shape and stronger than YHC thought he might be and breezed through the beatdown…also, he had Pikachu as a partner for a block workout…those cinder blocks are like aerobic weights for him so he puts up some numbers during Dora.  Seriously, it was great to see everyone of you!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Headgear out!!!


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