Killington In the Name Of – Killington’s VQ

Killington In the Name Of – Killington’s VQ

Workout Date:



Bryce McElroy - Killington


Various members from Catapult, Bomb Squad, The Plank.

The Thang:

Very moist conditions with a nice 78 degree temperature for the PAX this morning.


One minute warning at 5:14. Started sharply at 5:15 with:


Mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


*Disclaimer* – blah, blah, blah….


Asked for some help with the 5 Principles of F3:

1-free of charge. 2- open to all men 18 or older. 3- held outdoors, rain or shine. 4- led by peers who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion. 5- ends with a circle of trust.



Harry rockets x 15

Imperial walkers x 15

Hillbillies x 15

Side straddle hop x 20

Through the tunnel x 15

Little baby arm circles x 15 forward & reverse

Seal claps x 15

Over head presses x 14


PAX Mossi to road side for a little fun and jokes with monkey humpers x 5 facing the traffic of Carolina Forest Blvd. plenty of mumblechatter and shenanigans. No honks today, but maybe next time….bahahaha!!! (Q evil laugh)


The Thang:

PAX Mossi to football field – “All about the Benjamin’s”

Round 1: 25 merkins, 25 curls for girls, 25 big boys, 25 overhead presses. Mossi, backwards run, karaoke, bear crawl in between.

Round 2: 25 merkins, 25 bent over rows, 25 big boy sit-ups, 25 tricep extensions, with same transitions in between.


PAX Mossi to baseball fence for “All the way up & over” every time “All the way up” is said jump to other side of fence. (33 times minimum) Squats on one side, high knees on other side until it is said again. ***note to self, buy a louder speaker if you want to ever do something like this again! Music was was muffled by mumblechatter!


Back to base for Mary:

Skimmer led us in American Hammers (also my favorite)

Bikini Wax lead us in Brown eye to the sky x 10?

Brown Bag wanted me to call on him, but there was a slight case of mistaken identity. So a PO’ed Hottub led us in 15 Burpees. Thanks for the correction. Trust me it won’t happen again!!!

Finally, Skittles led us in Hello Dollies x 15 with a true Marines cadence of epic sound and tone, even though it was off a little…I still thank you for your service!!!


We followed that with the naming of the FNG!

A true local 21 year old kid by most of our standards. I could literally be his daddy!!! He said he liked to fish and somehow he ended up with Maggot!!! Welcome to the Catapult PAX family!

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